University of Connecticut

Dining Services Management Trainee

Payroll Title: UCP II
Class Code: 0215-9082
Job Family: DNS
FLSA Code: N
Score: 404


Under the direct supervision of designated administrator, is responsible for mastering the skills necessary to satisfactorily complete a dining services management-training program and to provide entry level assistance in dining services management.


  1. Perform the duties of each job in a Dining Services Unit and become totally familiar with all of the duties and equipment used to perform the job.

  2. Become familiar with appropriate University and Dining Services policies, procedures and labor contracts covering Dining Services employees; participate in evaluating, changing and/or improving Dining Services policies and procedures.

  3. Plan and carry out special projects, such as special dinners.

  4. Write articles for Dining Services newsletter.

  5. Work with students and residence hall staff to maximize student satisfaction with dining services and to improve the residence hall experience.

  6. Assist in supervising student workers and Dining Services employees.

  7. Assist in planning menus and providing nutrition education to students.

  8. Assist in evaluating training needs for Dining Services employees and in conducting such training programs.

  9. Perform related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor's degree in a food service field, such as Foods and Nutrition or Institutional Management.

  2. Strong desire to work in a college dining services operation.

  3. Good interpersonal skills.


  1. Registration as a Registered Dietitian.


Scored: 10/17/86

Created: 09/25/06