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Faculty – 78% Time for Mid-Year Faculty Hires

TO: Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Administrators

FROM: Keith Hood, Manager of Labor Relations

DATE: December 1, 2008

In the past, salaries of faculty who are appointed at the beginning of the second semester and those returning from semester leaves have been interrupted during the summer. This is because 9 month faculty salaries are paid out on a year round basis beginning August 23. Thus, a faculty member who started at the University or returned from leave on January 1 would have received one-half of his/her annual salary by June 30, which necessitated his/her going off the payroll for the summer before beginning the academic year in August.

To avoid the interruption in salary and health benefits which leaving the payroll creates, the University places those hired or returning from leave on January 1 on 78% time for the period January 1 through August 23. On August 23 their salary will be increased to full-time (100%) and no further salary changes need take place. The Guide to Unclassified Offer Letters provides the wording for offer letters on the page of variables for faculty appointments (p. 11).

Should you have questions concerning these matters, please direct them to me at (860) 486-4038.