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New Employee Benefits Enrollment


A new employee and need to sign up for benefits.

As you begin your new job, you’ll need to complete the usual paperwork and make some important choices about your employee benefits. The good news is that there are a lot of resources, and people, to help you. Below you’ll find information to help you get started, including information on how to sign up for benefits.

If you have questions, or need support with your transition, please contact the HR Service Desk at (860) 486-3034.

blue circle #1 Paperwork (everyone’s favorite)

Every new employee has various forms to complete and paperwork to sign. With some departments that happens prior to your first day on the job, and with others it happens on your first day. To support university departments and new employees, Human Resources offers a new employee orientation program where you can get much of this new employee paperwork out of the way in one place. It is recommended that you attend this program.

Visit the new employee information page for additional information, orientation dates and important new employee forms.
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blue circle #2 Complete your benefits enrollment – only 30 days and the clock’s ticking

You have only 30 days from your first day at work (or first day in an appointment that makes you newly eligible for benefits) to enroll in your benefits.

Please Note: If you don’t take action during this 30-day period, you will be automatically enrolled into a basic medical plan, but your family members won’t be covered, and in most cases you won’t be able to make changes or enroll family members until the next Open Enrollment period.


blue_circle3 Choose a Retirement Plan – only 60 days and the clock’s ticking

Your retirement plan selection is one-time and irrevocable; you will want to give special consideration to your choice. If you do not make an election within the 60 day period you will automatically become a member of SERS Tier III.

For a summary of retirement plan information and State of CT retirement resources visit the retirement planning page.
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