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You or Your Spouse Turn Age 65

Medicare-eligible persons are contacted by Medicare about 3 months prior to reaching age 65 with information about enrolling in Medicare Part A and Part B. Part A is offered at no cost and covers primarily hospitalizations. Part B has a monthly charge based on earnings and covers primarily outpatient services. Medicare-eligible persons are also contacted by companies authorized to offer prescription drug programs, often referred to as Medicare Part D.

If you are covered by any of the state-subsidized medical plans, you and your enrolled dependents are participating in a “creditable plan,” which means that the benefits are at least as valuable as what is available through Medicare. The State plan is primary while you are actively employed, which means Medicare would be secondary. That is why it is unnecessary for you or your Medicare-eligible spouse to enroll for Medicare while you are actively employed by the State of Connecticut in a benefits-eligible position.

Each year starting at age 65, participants in the medical plan receive a letter from the Office of the State Comptroller that confirms their enrollment in a health plan with creditable coverage. Additionally, when leaving active service, participants may request a letter of creditable coverage that they can supply to Medicare when they enroll to avoid a late entry premium rate. Contact Terry Stewart (860) 486-0413 for a letter of creditable coverage.