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Payout of Accruals at Employment Separation (Non-Transfers)

Vacation Once you have submitted your written notice of resignation, you no longer have a guarantee of your job should you wish to rescind your resignation or extend your resignation date. Employees Maximum (days) UCPEA 60 Statewide Bargaining Units: Maintenance and Service (CEUI) (NP-2) Administrative Clerical (AFSCME) (NP-3) Police and Fire (NP-5) Social and Human […]

COVID-19 Human Resources Updates and Communications

As the University continues its response to COVID-19 across Connecticut and beyond, Human Resources has developed several resources for employees. Below, employees may find a listing of updates and communications. Additional information, including FAQs, can be found in the menu on the left-hand side of the page. UPDATES & COMMUNICATIONS To the UConn Community: Throughout […]

COVID-19 Human Resources FAQs

Below, employees may find a listing of COVID-19 related FAQs. Additional information from HR on COVID-19 can be found in the menu on the right-hand side of the page. Storrs and regional employees may also send questions to This page has FAQ sections related to: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS NOTIFICATION PROCEDURES Employees should contact their […]

Benefits When You Transfer to Another State Agency

The following is information for employee who are leaving employment at the University to work at a different state agency with no break in service. Insurance Benefits Impact Medical/Dental Insurance Continue Basic Life Insurance Continue Supplemental Life Insurance Continue only if eligible Supplemental State Sponsored Benefits Continue Additional University Sponsored Benefits: College Benefits Group Life […]

Death of an Employee

Notification The family, or someone on behalf of the family, should contact Lori Vivian, Manager Human Resources Benefits Unit – (860) 486-5734 to report the death of an employee. Following such notification, Human Resources and the Payroll Department will review the employee’s records for a determination of: Outstanding Pay Payout of Accruals Life Insurance Enrollment […]

Maternity Leaves (Pregnancy/Childbirth)

Maternity Leave begins on the date of birth and continues during the medically certified period of disability, which is generally 6 weeks (or 8 weeks following a Cesarean birth). Medically certified leaves prior to birth are not considered maternity (personal illness), nor is a non-medical leave following the period of disability (parental leave). Factors impacting […]

Leaving UConn?

Separating from the University? Regardless of the reason why you are leaving UConn, there are steps you should take which can make your transition a bit easier. If you are voluntarily leaving your position at UConn, notify your supervisor, manager, or department head of your intent to resign as soon as possible. For certain employee […]

Paternal/Parental Leave (Maintenance, Clerical, Protective Services)

Home Leave of Absence Medical Leaves of Absence Paternal/Parental Leave (Maintenance, Clerical, Protective Services) Paternal/Parental Leave of Absence (Maintenance, Clerical, Protective Services) Definition The FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid job-protected leave for or specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and […]

Paid Time Off Benefits

Personal time off is designed to provide staff with time away from work to attend to personal responsibilities and balance the demands of both their professional and personal lives. At UConn, personal time off includes vacation, sick, personal leave and holidays. Employment type determines eligibility for paid time off. Paid Time Off The following chart […]

Personal Illness Medical Leave

Personal illness leaves occur when an employee is away from work for a block of time or requires intermittent or reduced schedule leave. Employees at the University of Connecticut who meet the qualifying requirements may be eligible for state FMLA, federal FMLA and/or SEBAC Supplemental leave. Factors impacting leaves vary by employment type (i.e., bargaining […]