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COBRA Coverage

Under federal and state law, the State of Connecticut is required to offer employees or over-age dependents the opportunity to continue their current medical and dental plan options when coverage under the plan would otherwise end because of a qualifying event. An Initial COBRA Notification was made available to employees on their hire date. To […]

Initial COBRA Notification

ATTENTION: New Employees of the State of Connecticut **VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE** It is important that all covered individuals take the time to read this notice carefully and be familiar with its contents. Under federal and state law, the State of Connecticut is required to offer covered employees and covered family members the opportunity to elect […]

Benefits after Termination of Employment

For Non-Retirement, Non Transfer Contact: Human Resources, (860) 486-3034 Your medical and dental insurance ends on the last day of the month in which your employment terminates. You will be extended the opportunity to continue your health benefits under the Federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Under COBRA, you may purchase group health insurance […]

Leaving UConn?

Separating from the University? Regardless of the reason why you are leaving UConn, there are steps you should take which can make your transition a bit easier. If you are voluntarily leaving your position at UConn, notify your supervisor, manager, or department head of your intent to resign as soon as possible. For certain employee […]

Graduate Assistant Medical Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in insurance coverage through the Connecticut Partnership Plan? Online at What is the enrollment period? The enrollment period is 31 days from the date of hire or qualifying life event. When can I enroll? You may enroll during an initial enrollment period, which is 31 days from your date of […]

Graduate Assistant Health Insurance

Welcome to the University of Connecticut! As you are now part of the University’s exemplary group of Graduate Assistants, Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Fellows and Graduate Students participating in University funded internships, you have the opportunity to obtain health benefits through the “Connecticut Partnership Plan”. The Connecticut Partnership Plan offers comprehensive medical and dental benefits similar […]

Personal/Emergency Leave without Pay

Applies to employees in Statewide Bargaining Units (NP-2, NP-3, NP-5, P-2, P-5), UCPEA and Management/Confidential. Can be taken after exhausting vacation, personal, holiday comp and comp time. If approved, may be on a position held, or position not held, basis. Benefits are terminated the first of the month following the leave start date if the […]

Life Events

Employee Benefits Overview Health Benefits Retirement Supplemental Paid Time Off Benefits Tuition Benefits Changes in Your Life that Impact Your Benefits which Include: Newly Hired Change of Address Getting Married Birth/Adoption Legal Separation or Divorce Covered Child Turns Age 26 You or Your Spouse Turn Age 65 Loss of Healthcare Through Another Source You, Your […]

New Employee Orientation

The University of Connecticut is a vibrant workplace that values diverse viewpoints, inclusivity, and a healthy focus on all aspects of an employee’s work and life obligations. The University strives to support all of its employees with a smooth, engaging, and educational transition to working at UConn. We anticipate that your work and interactions with […]

Executive Leader Onboarding

Welcome to the University of Connecticut! We are pleased to have you as a member of our leadership team. We are excited about the contributions you will make to help the University achieve its mission and vision. Whether you were hired internally from the UConn’s ranks or externally from another institutions and setting, we are […]