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Adjunct Faculty / Temporary Employee Benefits Information


Adjunct Faculty are eligible for the following:

  • Medical/Prescription Coverage at Group Rates (unsubsidized)
  • Dental Coverage at Group Rates (unsubsidized)
  • Defined Contribution Pension Plan (Alternate Retirement Program)

Temporary employees, also referred to as employees on Special Payroll, are eligible for the following options:

  • Medical/Prescription Coverage at Group Rates (unsubsidized)
  • Dental Coverage at Group Rates (unsubsidized)

Information about these options is available below.


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Special Notes for Adjunct Faculty Who:

  • Are contracted to teach at least one course each semester and enroll for health insurance
  • Teach nine or more credit hours per semester across multiple State of Connecticut University/College Systems

The Office of the State Comptroller issued an Interdepartmental Memorandum on August 10, 2007 regarding State Sponsored Health Insurance for Adjunct Faculty. Effective with the 2007 fall semester, adjunct faculty hired to teach nine or more credit hours in aggregate per semester across multiple State of Connecticut university/college systems are eligible for reimbursement of the state share of health insurance premium costs subject to a number of conditions identified in the memorandum. Adjunct faculty will be billed for the monthly premiums. Interested adjunct faculty are asked to carefully review the conditions established by the Comptroller’s Office. The details of the program are provided in the memorandum.

The refund amount will vary based on the health options selected and dependents covered, as identified on the Health Insurance Refund Calculation.

Adjunct faculty who elect group health insurance and who are contracted to teach at least one course each semester of the academic year have the option to be paid over 26 pay periods. This will provide continuous health insurance eligibility over the full year.

Adjunct Faculty Benefits Planner 2017-2018

Download [9.43 MB]

Adjunct Faculty Enrollment Form

Download [69.41 KB]

Pension Election

The Alternate Retirement Program (ARP) is a defined contribution plan qualified under section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. An ARP member’s benefit at retirement is based upon their contributions to the plan, the state’s contributions to the plan and investment earnings.

The employee and employer contributions to the plan depend on your State of Connecticut hire date, as shown below:

First Hire Date Employer Pre-tax Contribution Employee Pre-tax Contribution
prior to 7/1/2017 8% up to 6/30/2017
7.25% (7/1/2017 — 6/30/2019)
7.0% (7/1/2019 and later)
7/1/2017 or later 7.25% (7/1/2017 to 6/30/2019)
7.0% (7/1/2019 and later)
Choice of:
6.5% (default)

Plan contributions are invested at the direction of the employee in investment funds available under the plan. Prudential is the state’s administrator for ARP.

Please be advised that you are required to make a retirement election on or before your first day of employment; and that the election you make is irrevocable.

Temporary Employee Benefits Planner 2017-2018

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Temporary Employee Benefits Rates

Download [75.47 KB]

Waiver of Retirement Plan Participation

Download [1.03 MB]

COBRA Continuation of Health Insurance

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Enrollment Information

You have up to 31 days following your hire date to enroll for benefits through the Benefit’s self-service module in CORE-CT.

An eBenefits Job Aide is available should you need assistance.