Alumni Relations Coordinator

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0502-9085
Job Family: UNR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 492


Under the general direction of the Director of Alumni Relations, organizes and coordinates alumni programs and services designed to foster and strengthen the relationship between the University and its alumni.


  1. Organizes and coordinates alumni functions with special responsibility for one or more of the following: local, regional and national chapters, alumni publications, fund raising, recognition and awards, reunions, homecoming, travel programs, alumni and/or student relations, legislative relations, insurance, financial records, investments, audit control and other special events and services.
  2. Works with Director and other alumni staff to assure coordination and development of total alumni relations program; recommends long and short-range goals and overall direction of alumni programs.
  3. Promotes and fosters effective alumni relations through continuing written communication and personal contact with constituent groups.
  4. Provides staff assistance to Alumni Association committees and alumni groups, as assigned.
  5. Develops, designs and arranges for publicity and promotional materials for alumni functions and/or services, in assigned area of responsibility.
  6. Plans, coordinates and schedules all logistical details and makes necessary arrangements for programs and/or services in assigned area of responsibility.
  7. Performs necessary administrative functions such as record keeping, reports, correspondence, program budget oversight and contractual arrangements, as necessary; maintain records and supervise bookkeeping, reconcile accounts, monitor investments, internal audit of all financial accounts within alumni association.
  8. Evaluates and monitors effectiveness of programs/services and identifies problems, recommends improvements and institutes changes.
  9. May act on behalf of Director in his/her absence, as assigned.
  10. May supervise and train support staff as needed or assigned; recommends hiring to the Director.
  11. Serves as a resource to alumni and others regarding alumni and University programs and activities.
  12. Assists Director in preparing funding requests, including grant proposals under the general direction of the Director.
  13. Coordinates alumni recognition program, as assigned.
  14. Seeks to develop and establish new alumni chapters, regional centers and/or programs and services, as assigned
  15. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Demonstrated ability to develop, direct and coordinate multiple programs and activities, including promotion
  3. Strong desire and natural ability to deal with people
  4. Knowledge of and involvement in the University of Connecticut community, its disciplines and relationships, and willingness to develop an in-depth understanding
  5. May require proven background in writing, editing and design for certain specialties


  1. Graduation from the University of Connecticut
  2. Background in business or communication sciences.

Date Created: 6/28/85