Area Head – University of Connecticut Libraries

Payroll Title: UCP XI
Class Code: 1106-9092
Job Family: LIB
FLSA Code: E
Score: 783


Reporting to the Director of University Libraries administers Library Services of a functional Area.  As part of the Libraries’ Leadership Council, the principal decision making body for the University Libraries shares responsibilities for the welfare of the University Libraries as a whole.  This encompasses strategic planning, system-wide administrative processes, budgeting, personnel and resource allocation and formulation of priorities, goals, policies, and procedures.


  1. In coordination with Area staff, establishes and maintains individual Area goals, priorities and programs consistent the University Libraries’ mission and strategic initiatives.
  2. Administers and oversees Area operations and workflow including process analysis, resource allocation, and evaluation of services.  Interrelates Area operations to other Library Areas and University departments.
  3. Participates in Library development activities in conjunction with appropriate Library and University staff.
  4. Reviews Area needs and makes recommendations to the Leadership Council for staff, space, technology, equipment, and supplies.
  5. Prepares Area budget requests and oversees the expenditures of the fiscal resources provided for the Area.
  6. Supervises all Area staff, which includes hiring, training, and evaluating; setting annual goals and objectives; makes recommendations for promotions, reclassification requests, merit awards, salary adjustments and terminations.  Works with Area staff in creating or updating internal job descriptions.
  7. Serves as a mentor for Area staff and a facilitator for team-based activity with the Area.  Encourages mentoring relationships among Area staff and fosters a team-based approach to Area activities.
  8. Initiates, chairs, charges or participates in Area and cross-functional project teams.  Encourages and ensures team participation by individuals not in the Area
  9. Maintains a working knowledge of Library personnel policies, union contracts and University personnel policies
  10. Serves as the University Libraries’ liaison with appropriate University departments, offices and operations, such as the University Computer Center, the Registrar’s Office, Regional Campus Directors, the Bursar’s Office, the Center for Oral History, and the Center for Judaic Studies.  Supports Library initiatives and Area staff activities with University departments (e.g., liaison activities, collection development policies, document delivery, electronic course reserves, etc.).
  11. Represents the University Libraries in discussions with vendors and other outside agencies that are relevant to their Areas’ activities.
  12. Serves as a representative to a variety of Library, University, State and national committees and task forces.
  13. Provides written reports, statistics, and proposals related to specific Area or Library activities for Library, University, and national audiences.
  14. Maintains an awareness of current University, regional and national trends and developments on issues related to Area.
  15. Participates in appropriate professional activities at the State, regional and national levels.


  1. A graduate degree in appropriate academic discipline* and three to five years of managerial/supervisory/administrative experience OR a bachelor’s degree and eight to ten years of significant library technical/managerial/supervisory experience.
  2. Demonstrated technical expertise in appropriate functional area.
  3. Ability to provide quality client services for a diverse group of constituents.
  4. Demonstrated commitment to consultation and cooperation with Library and University staff, users and others.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a changing environment and as a facilitator in group settings to build consensus.
  6. Outstanding leadership, organizational, interpersonal and oral and written communications skills.
  7. Demonstrated ability to empower staff, promote shared leadership, accountability and respect.
  8. A graduate degree in an appropriate academic discipline may be required in some functional areas


  1. MLS in library or information science from an ALA accredited institution.
  2. A record of relevant professional publications and activities.

Date Created: 6/25/97
Date Revised: 9/13/99