Assistant Director of BGS & Non-Degree Programs

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0787-9087
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 578


Under the general direction of designated supervisor and working in cooperation with the administration and faculty of a university campus, administers and coordinates the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program and the Non-Degree Study Program at a university campus providing appropriate counseling and administrative services for effective program operations.


  1. Administers the admission process of candidates for the Bachelor of General Studies program including recruitment of applicants, the evaluation of an applicants prior education background, the admission to degree status.
  2. Serves as academic advisor to BGS students.  Works closely with BGS students to design appropriate individualized academic program of study; monitors BGS student’s progress in program regulations, advises on transferability of courses from other colleges, etc.; advises on probation and dismissal questions related to BGS students.
  3. Advises non-degree students on course selection, course prerequisites, registration procedures, University programs and regulations, etc.; using delegated authority.  Approves enrollment of formerly dismissed students in non-degree status, grants special permission on waivers (including approval of late registrations, drops, registration for excess credit, etc.) and may authorize dismissal of individuals from non-degree status.
  4. Responsible for effective and efficient local office operations; supervises and distributes work to program staff to implement and insure compliance with program requirements and operations.  Accountable for the effective operation of the BGS and Non-Degree program at a local site and for maintaining good working relations with other university professional staff and with faculty at a given site.
  5. Develops budget proposals and administers approved local office and program budget with responsibility for expenditures, adherence to state university fiscal procedures and regulations, etc.
  6. Represents both the BGS and the NON-Degree Program to local corporate, community and college groups by establishing and maintaining contacts, participating in open houses, making presentations or giving speeches, disseminating information, etc.; may represent other Continuing Education and university programs and activities when authorized to do so.
  7. Acts as an on-site coordinator for various activities and services for adult students including such things as planning and implementing orientation sessions, social agents, awards ceremonies, special newsletter, etc., coordinates all aspects (i.e., site selection, material preparation, securing equipment, speaker logistics, and publicity for such activities.
  8. Recruits, hires, trains, supervises and evaluates clerical and, if appropriate, student support staff; may be assigned similar responsibilities in hole or in part, for other professional staff.
  9. Conducts needs assessments for credit courses including analyzing enrollment patterns, students’ programs, community interests, preferred class hours, etc. and recommends courses which should be scheduled or developed.  Participates in long and short range program planning; works with faculty in developing new courses offerings and/or planning curricular changes or course schedule patterns.
  10. Performs necessary administrative duties such as supervising maintenance of files, preparation of reports, coordination of student records with other agency offices, etc.
  11. Serves as an on-site resource person to faculty and students on adult learning, the problems of working adults studying on a part-time basis, etc.; advises on various problems of non-traditional students; mediates and makes appropriate professional referrals as necessary; maintains information on career and educational options in a region.
  12. Serves as an on-site resource person for faculty and students vis-à-vis internship experiences for BGS students; works with external agencies and companies to develop appropriate internship experiences and with faculty to monitor and evaluate each student’s experience.
  13. Serves on various committees; works on special projects for local campus, as approved; performs other approved tasks for effective program operations at local campus.
  14. Administers and interprets various vocational, aptitude, personality, or learning style tests; refers individuals to other professionals as appropriate given test results.
  15. Initiates, develops and teaches special workshops and seminars (e.g., on test taking, math or computer anxiety, life and/or career planning).
  16. Performs additional duties associated with being part of a regional campus team.


  1. Master’s Degree in counseling or in other discipline appropriate to position.
  2. Four to six years counseling or academic advising experience, preferably in an area dealing with adults or part-time students in higher education.
  3. Demonstrated ability to work independently and exercise sound judgment with regard to program operations and student-faculty relations.
  4. Ability to work irregular and flexible hours and to travel as required.
  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills and interpersonal skills.


  1. Some knowledge of and experience in curriculum assessment.
  2. Knowledge of principles of adult education.
  3. Knowledge of state and regional demographics and industry and its educational needs and resources.

Date Created: 7/88
Date Revised: 11/00