Associate Director – Housing Services

Payroll Title: UCP XI
Class Code: 1112-9092
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 784


Under the general direction of the Executive Director, manages the central administrative functions of the Department of Residential Life, encompassing housing assignments and contracts, departmental marketing efforts, research and the University’s off-campus housing service program.


  1. Administer, manage and supervise the activities of the Housing Assignment Office and Off-Campus Housing Services program.
  2. Direct and supervise all aspects of the housing assignments process for new and returning students, including applications and contract generation, deposits, housing assignment priorities, room change procedures and room selections, implementation of any lottery procedures and forecasting occupancy for traditional halls, apartments, graduate students and family housing.
  3. Participate in developing departmental policies, procedures, financial planning and priority development as part of the management team.
  4. In collaboration with the Division of Undergraduate Education and the respective academic departments, design and implement living/learning communities, academic clusters, special interest and theme housing.
  5. Supervises professional and clerical staff in assigned area of responsibility, and establishes work assignment priorities; assists with staff selection and evaluation.
  6. Work closely with the Division of Enrollment Management on housing issues, including managing enrollment and space for incoming new students and enforcing University payment procedures.
  7. Prepare and project annual budget and monitor expenditures for the unit with broad authority to approve expenditures.
  8. Accountable for departmental marketing activity, i.e., overseeing the development and implementation of various Residential Life publications. In addition, responsible for the content of all web page and web-enabled activities for the department.
  9. Participate in campus visitation and tour programs and contribute to training for admissions counselors and Visitor’s Center staff; address students and families at University’s orientation program.
  10. Collaborate with the Attorney General’s Office on contract matters requiring legal counsel i.e., apartment rental contracts and University contracts with outside facilities such as the Nathan Hale Inn.
  11. Maintain up-to-date knowledge as well as enforce/implement any State and/or Federal regulations in regards to University owned residence halls and apartments.
  12. Ensure quality customer service through the development and implementation of the department’s “Customer Service Standards”.
  13. Respond to problems, issues and referrals from students, parents, University offices, Trustees and legislators. Authorize exceptions to policies when appropriate.
  14. Oversee the execution of departmental research studies, surveys, and telephone follow-up activity.
  15. Serve as a member of departmental, divisional and University committees.
  16. Perform related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration, Counseling or related field.
  2. Minimum seven years professional housing experience in a college/university setting.
  3. Experience in three or more of the following areas: housing assignments, housing contract management, supervision of residence halls, knowledge of technology in the areas of research/outcomes/assessment, publication and marketing programs.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of complex administrative systems and projects.
  5. Excellent communication and human relations skills.

Created: 02/28/03