Benefits Officer

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0612-9086
Job Family: HRS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 528


Under the general supervision of designated administrator, counsels and provides information to employees on all matters relating to retirement, insurance, unemployment compensation, classified staff tuition reimbursement, and related areas.


  1. Counsels and assists employees in selecting a retirement plan.
  2. Counsels and advises employees and retirees on retirement benefit information including Social Security status, medical and hospital benefits, disability retirement benefits, methods of retirement, benefit payments, and taxability of retirement income; assists employees in making informed decisions.
  3. Systematically calculates pensions and costs of purchasing retirement credit and assists employees in making decisions regarding purchase of retirement credit.
  4. Coordinates and oversees Tuition Reimbursement Program for classified staff.
  5. Develops and coordinates database for computerization of benefit area records and programs; serves as liaison with State Retirement Division in their computerization efforts.
  6. Counsels and advises employees and coordinates procedures for collection of unemployment compensation benefits; represents the University at unemployment hearings.
  7. Develops and implements procedures for the orientation of new employees; provides counseling to new employees regarding State benefits.
  8. Counsels employees regarding Group and Supplemental Life Insurance Programs.
  9. Acts for supervisor in his/her absence, as delegated; supervises support staff as needed.
  10. Performs special projects as assigned.
  11. Gathers and prepares data and assist in the preparation of reports, analyses, and publications.
  12. Responsible for identification of problems and makes recommendations for change
  13. Performs related duties as required


  1. Bachelor’s degree in human resource field.
  2. Two to four years experience in personnel work, preferably in the area of employee benefits.
  3. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  4. Knowledge of computer database.

Date Created: 6/28/85
Date Revised: 9/03/99