Building Inspection and Compliance Official

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0950-9089
Job Family: FAC
FLSA Code: E
Score: 646


Under the direction of a designated supervisor in the Division of Public Safety, monitors and inspects building construction projects with the responsibility for ensuring state and industry building codes and fire safety standards are met. Incumbents will be required to certify that construction projects and designs meet all appropriate requirements.



  1. Reviews blueprints and designs for compliance to requirements such as appropriateness of quality and strength of building materials, handicap accessibility standards, proper lighting and ventilation, fire prevention codes, and other essential safety and comfort needs.
  2. Inspects buildings during all phases of construction for adherence to building codes and regulations; certifies compliance as required.
  3. Evaluates site conditions and inspects construction materials, methods, and quality of workmanship to ensure proper construction and safety methods are being implemented and that projects are in compliance with state building and fire codes; evaluates progress and cost in relation to contract terms.
  4. Determines necessity of design modifications in consultation with architects, project engineers, and construction personnel.
  5. Inspects new and existing buildings for compliance with applicable code requirements to ensure the safety of the occupants; recommends repairs and modifications necessary for building code and fire safety compliance.
  6. Investigates complaints of building and fire code violations and other unsafe conditions.
  7. Prepares reports and correspondence documenting building construction inspections and/or recommendations for project adjustments; keeps supervisor and senior administration informed on status of all projects.
  8. Serves as a resource and provides technical advice to university staff, construction personnel, and state officials regarding appropriate policies, fire safety standards and state building codes.
  9. Keeps informed of changes and updates to state building codes, fire safety standards, and mandated building construction safety procedures and materials.
  10. Maintains State Licensure as Building Official.
  11. May supervise or oversee other employees conducting field inspection of building construction and maintenance projects.
  12. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  2. Five years experience in construction, construction design or construction supervision.
  3. Licensed by the State of Connecticut as a Building Official.
  4. Considerable knowledge of methods, materials and equipment used in building design and construction.
  5. Thorough knowledge of zoning and building codes, fire safety standards, and major trade areas relative to building construction and maintenance.
  6. Ability to read and interpret building plans and specifications.
  7. Ability to communicate clearly both verbally and in writing.


Created: 02/25/05