Career Counselor

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0403-9084
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 459


Under the general supervision of designated supervisor, plans and administers programs and activities designed to assist students and alumni by counseling them in career planning and in the techniques of obtaining employment.


  1. Counsels and advises individual students, student groups, alumni and others on career and placement opportunities and/or graduate study.
  2. Prepares and organizes career planning and placement materials and resources.
  3. Organizes, coordinates and/or assists Director with administrative responsibilities including campus interview program, job fairs, Career Resource Center, job opening information, publicity and special projects.
  4. Coordinates and/or participates in a network of career development resources.
  5. Develops and writes informational materials for distribution to the University community.
  6. Designs, administers and conducts placement technique workshops, including interviewing, resume development, job search skills, summer job opportunities.
  7. Develops and maintains liaison with academic departments, faculty, staff, student organizations, student media and off-campus employers.
  8. Keeps informed regarding current developments and trends in the job market and in the field of career counseling.
  9. Organizes and conducts outreach programs for classes, academic departments, residence halls and student groups
  10. May supervise and train student help.
  11. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Counseling, Student Personnel or related field.
  2. Two to four years professional experience in business/industrial personnel administration, industrial/college relations or post?secondary career planning and placement.
  3. Strong interpersonal skills and communication techniques.
  4. Teaching ability.

Date Created: 6/28/85