Career Paths Mapping Reconsideration Process

Earlier this year, Human Resources notified employees in positions covered by UCPEA of their individual mapping under the new job classification system, Career Paths. Many factors were considered during the mapping process, including the employee’s current job duties and responsibilities and the Career Paths leveling criteria.

Beginning July 3, 2020, employees and managers will have the opportunity to provide additional information that may support a reconsideration of the position’s mapping. A successful reconsideration request must show that the employee’s work responsibilities are inconsistent with the parameters of their assigned Job Template related to the five criteria noted below. Additionally, all reconsideration requests must be reviewed by the first manager outside of the bargaining unit.

Reconsiderations of position mapping and associated classification titles will include a review of all job information. Reconsideration decisions will be final.

Reconsideration Factors

Which factors will be considered?
  • A position where certain work duties and/or responsibilities were missing from the JIW reviewed for mapping
  • A discrepancy over the Occupational Group, Job Family, and/or Job Path that the position was mapped into
  • A misalignment with the five (5) leveling criteria:
    1. General Role
    2. Education, Knowledge, and Experience
    3. Independence and Decision-Making
    4. Complexity and Problem Solving
    5. Scope and Measurable Effect
Which factors will not be considered?
  • Tenure of employee in the position
  • Employee’s performance
  • Mapping by compensation
  • Mapping by a value meter – the value of staff in one department over another department

It is important to note that submitting a request to reconsider the classification decision is not the same as submitting a reclassification (job audit) request. Reconsideration is a one-time process to support the final stage of implementation of the Career Paths system. This process should only be used for individuals who feel their newly mapped job template does not match the occupation or classification criteria of their position. Employees who participate in the Reconsideration Process must wait until a decision on reconsideration is rendered by HR before seeking a reclassification.


Employee completes request for reconsideration form Beginning 07/03/2020
Employee sends completed form to manager outside of the bargaining unit, HR at:, and UCPEA at: Due 08/31/2020
Manager reviews and signs reconsideration form Within four (4) weeks of receipt
HR receives reconsideration requests 07/03/2020 through 08/31/2020
HR acknowledges receipt of reconsideration request
HR reviews reconsideration requests on a rolling basis
HR contacts the employee or supervisor for more information, if necessary
HR makes decision to approve or deny adjustments to mapping Beginning 09/11/2020
Decisions are issued to the employee, supervisor, and UCPEA

- Approvals are issued a new mapping effective the date of initial mapping (07/03/2020)
- Denials maintain their initial mapping from 07/03/2020

Deadline 11/09/2020