Center Director

Payroll Title: UCP IX
Class Code: 0916-9089
Job Family: ADM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 654


Under the administrative review of designated University official, plans, organizes and administers programs designed to provide awareness and understanding of constituent issues, social support for student constituents, and assistance in achieving their professional, educational and personal goals.


  1. Directs the activities of professional staff; determines staffing needs; selects, evaluates and supervises staff; determines work assignments and work schedules.
  2. Serves as chief spokesperson for Center programs, services and goals; serves as liaison between the Center and the University administration; represents the Center on University committees and advisory groups, State and national committees, and to the public in matters pertaining to constituent issues.
  3. Keeps informed about policies, regulations and laws that affect constituent group.
  4. May take a leadership role in standing university committees.
  5. Is responsible for the administration of the Center, including maintenance of facilities, files, records, budget, correspondence and reports.
  6. Develops social support programs for the Center’s student clientele.
  7. Develops educational outreach and training programs to promote understanding and wider participation and to educate the University community and the public regarding constituent issues and goals.
  8. Serves as advocate for and provides assistance and information to client group on a wide variety of concerns including available services within the University and outside community.
  9. Manages the fiscal affairs of the department, including budget development and priorities; exercises direct fiscal control over approved budget.
  10. Develops and implements Center policies, procedures, programs and services which are consistent with University goals and Center Annual Plan of Action.
  11. Assesses client needs as an aid in program planning and evaluates effectiveness of existing programs and Center policies; identifies areas for improvement and new programs; institutes changes or makes recommendation for major changes.
  12. Assists and trains constituent groups in the organization and planning of educational and social action activities.
  13. Directs the development and preparation of informational and promotional materials related to Center programs and services.
  14. Develops and implements fund-raising strategies.
  15. Plans and carries out special issues study programs, with the appropriate review of the Vice President/Vice Chancellor.
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in appropriate field or equivalent combination of education and experience
  2. Minimum of two years related experience, including experience in administration and program planning for constituent organizations
  3. Excellent leadership and public relations skills
  4. In-depth knowledge of issues related to constituency to be served
  5. Excellent administrative and organizational skills
  6. Ability to develop, evaluate and promote programs related to constituent group, and to develop and conduct studies of constituent issues.
  7. Knowledge of effective fund-raising strategies

Date Created: 6/85
Date Revised: 11/97