Community Director

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0616-9086
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 536


Under the general direction of higher level professionals, act as the chief manager of a designated residential area of campus with responsibility for general management of facilities and supervision of staff including providing assistance with promoting student development and academic initiatives.


  1. Recruits selects, trains, supervises and evaluates para-professional, housekeepers, minor maintenance and student employees.  Assists with developing and participating in in-service training programs.
  2. Participates in recruitment efforts with the selection of department professional staff as needed.
  3. Coordinates and supervises programs of educational and social activities in the residence halls, requiring an assessment of student needs.  Plans and implements training of student leaders in conjunction with the other professional staff and the Student Leadership Development and Program Office.
  4. Develops performance-related competencies for student staff that foster resident student academic development.
  5. Advises student government(s).
  6. Educates students about their responsibilities as community members and serves as the judicial officer for hearings that may result in any sanction up to and including, disciplinary probation.
  7. Oversees and schedules the use of technology areas and other common space areas, which include maintenance of equipment in classrooms and acting as a liaison to the Computer Center.
  8. Controls and monitors student occupancy, supervises the room change process, maintains occupancy records and generates reports needed for the Universitys Assignments Office.
  9. Serves as liaison to the Office of Facilities, Computer Center and Student Mail Services.
  10. Assists University Personnel with efforts to assure student safety and security, including fire and emergency responses.
  11. Act as liaison with the conference Housing Coordinator and Rental Properties Manger for conference and building usage.
  12. Initiates and implements programs that enhance students’ academic achievement.  Collaborates with faculty liaison and Coordinator of Academic Programs to ensure adherence of the guidelines of residence hall involvement contracts.
  13. Develops common area programming space that supports the special interest academic programming in a designated  residence area.
  14. Performs other related tasks as assigned.


  1. Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration, Counseling or related field.
  2. Two to three years experience combining supervision and experience in residence halls, student affairs or related comparable setting.
  3. Demonstrated experience managing resident halls’ facilities and operational issues.
  4. Experience in enhancing the academic environment to residence halls.


  1. Preferred experience in supervising, working with and addressing the needs of a diverse community varied in its ethnic composition, sexual orientation and abilities.



Date Created: 6/28/1985