Computer Manager

Payroll Title: UCP XI
Class Code: 1108-9092
Job Family: DPS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 775


Under administrative review of a designated administrator, position is responsible for planning, organizing and managing the effective operations of a major computer or network communications technical service unit.


In assigned area of responsibility:

  1. Provides technical leadership in designing, developing, scheduling and implementing a major network or computer services, requiring a thorough understanding of the principles of computer systems, network systems and/or information management systems.
  2. Determines requirements of users and potential users of computer and/or information technology/network services; assists in the determination of priorities and timetables and serves as a resource to users and staff in resolving problems and needs.
  3. Directs the activities of staff; identifies staffing needs and is responsible for hiring, supervision, training, evaluation, work schedules and work assignments; manages all routine personnel functions.
  4. Prepares and submits comprehensive project plans and supporting information to aid in effective short and long-range planning; makes recommendations based on analysis of current and future needs, new advances in the field, applicability of technology to University systems and most cost-effective delivery of services; and writes long-range planning documents.
  5. Defines, develops and maintains standards for the design, programming configuration, installation and documentation of information systems, design and implementation of operating systems, and/or network deployment and support (ensures adherence to same).
  6. Analyses, summarizes, reports on, and recommends changes for improved system performance, network balancing, workload balancing, resource acquisition and resource recovery.
  7. Plans and directs project work, including evaluation, selection and acquisition of hardware and software, as well as product installation, testing and documentation; interfaces with vendors as needed to ensure successful completion of projects and writes monthly progress reports.
  8. Prepares budget requests as part of the overall budget planning process and manages established budget.
  9. Recommends for purchase, configures and troubleshoots software and/or hardware for mainframe, mainframe peripherals, communications networks, telephony, video or data switching systems, minicomputers, microcomputers and peripherals, off-line hardware and associated hardware upgrades and add-on devices and features.
  10. Represents departmental interests on University-wide and statewide committees, special interest groups (SIGs), projects, study groups and communications forums.  Publishes and disseminates results.Researches, reviews, investigates, and writes comprehensive reports on new and emerging technologies for trends in the computing and communication services industries.
  11. Responsible for ensuring the continuous, uninterrupted availability and functionality of University computer systems and coordinating appropriate resources to respond to outages and emergencies.  Develops plans and processes that ensures minimum risk due to errors.  Analyzes, plans and directs security and disaster recovery needs as part of system development.
  12. Develops training plans for staff and self that ensure that new technologies are understood and fit into plans and enhancements.  Evaluates and executes items consistent with the University’s strategic plans.
  13. Demonstrates cross-discipline knowledge into other managerial areas.
  14. Executes tight coordination with disparate internal and external units
  15. Develops plans for integrating complex client-server technology in support of University processes. Assists with analysis and implementation of data warehouse structures and systems
  16. May design, support and manage University construction projects.
  17. Maintains emergency management readiness for system disasters and outages.  Responsible for immediate response and appropriate recovery using planned response assets.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer-related field; or equivalent combination of training and experience
  2. Five to ten years of progressively responsible experience in data processing development, programming experience and systems analysis, as required for the technical specialty.
  3. Three to five years of demonstrated managerial and supervisory ability.
  4. In-depth knowledge of the technical specialty, basic knowledge of overall computing, communications and network systems and information management
  5. Job history indicating growth and development in the field.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills and analytical ability

Date Created: 11/1/98
Date Revised: 9/13/99