Continuing Education Program Manager

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 7044-9087
Job Family: EDU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 567


Under the general direction of Director, develops, markets and administers non-credit courses, seminars, workshops and/or conferences offered statewide, in assigned areas of responsibility and program specialties.


  1. Conducts needs assessments, determines probability of success of proposed programs, and selects and develops programs in response to needs.
  2. Supervises and distributes work to support staff and/or professional staff in order to implement arrangements and insure compliance with stated schedules and commitments of assigned programs.
  3. Recruits and interviews instructors, negotiates salaries and may observe and evaluate instructional performance and advise instructors regarding improvements.
  4. Prepares program budgets, develops enrollment projections and break-even estimates; assists in preparing financial statements of condition for each program in assigned areas of responsibility.
  5. Conducts promotional activities such as advertising, catalogs and mailings designed to generate enrollment.
  6. Conducts and/or supervises on-site administration of programs, including registration and problem solving and may be responsible for collecting and accounting for fees.
  7. Makes and/or supervises all necessary arrangements for programs including rooms, special material or equipment and follows up on all details for coordination and operations, maintaining liaison with appropriate on and off campus parties responsible for providing services.
  8. Performs necessary administrative duties such as correspondence and reports, including summary reports of individual programs.
  9. Analyzes enrollment trends and actively participates in long-range planning for future program needs.
  10. Identifies and recruits potential users of conference facilities, which may require personal visits, follow-up communication and extensive travel.
  11. Administers and assists in development of instruments for evaluation of programs.
  12. Evaluates effectiveness of programs and recommends improvements or changes.
  13. Determines most desirable location to attract the largest number of participants.
  14. May recruit, train, supervise and evaluate entry level professional staff.
  15. May design and conduct programs which employ high technology telecommunications or computers as delivery media.
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in field appropriate to the program specialty
  2. Some experience in developing and monitoring course work at the University level and in evaluating instructional programs in area of assigned responsibility.
  3. Ability to work independently and exercise judgment with regard to program commitments.
  4. Excellent written and oral communications
  5. Initiative and capacity for innovative programming
  6. Knowledge of principles of adult education
  7. Willingness to work irregular and flexible hours and to travel statewide


  1. Master’s degree in appropriate field

Date Created: 6/28/85