Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0722-9087
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 585


Under the general direction of a responsible counseling services professional, provides assessment of and direct treatment for students with emotional, educational and career problems in both individual and group situations: and provides consultation for the University community.


  1. Provides psychological counseling to individuals, couples or groups to assist students in understanding and overcoming social, emotional, or personal problems.
  2. Counsels students to assess their interests, aptitudes, and abilities and assists them in educational and career planning.
  3. Diagnoses learning deficiencies and provides appropriate interventions.
  4. Develops and conducts outreach programs designed to promote understanding, modify attitudes and enhance specific skills necessary for personal development and effective functioning.
  5. Develops and conducts study skills and tutoring programs for students with specific academic deficiencies as indicated through records, tests, interviews or referrals.
  6. In conjunction with other departments, plans and provides outreach services to promote retention, improve the quality of the learning environment and enhance student development.
  7. Serves as a consultant to faculty and staff on matters relating to well being of students.
  8. Provides counseling services for persons in crisis.
  9. Administers placement tests for students, evaluates results, and recommends a course of action based on test results.
  10. Participates in training and evaluation of counseling interns.
  11. Trains and evaluates students who function as peer counselors and/or tutors.
  12. Serves as a resource to the University community on matters relating to the well being of students.
  13. Prepares and manages appropriate case records in accordance with professional and ethical standards.
  14. Make referrals to SHS Mental Health Clinic and other departments or agencies when appropriate for specialized care beyond the scope of counseling services.
  15. Conducts and/or participates in in-service presentations.
  16. Participates in on-going evaluation of departmental services and programs.
  17. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, Counseling or related field
  2. Three years post-graduate work experience or equivalent depending on educational qualifications, nature of previous experience and specific departmental need.
  3. Demonstrated ability to make sound analytical/diagnostic judgments and to work without close supervision.
  4. Certification, license or supervised internship may be substituted for some experience.


  1. Some formal training beyond Master’s degree

Date Created: 6/28/85