Academic Programs/Services

Jobs within Academic Programs/Services focus primarily on work related to the University’s academic mission, degree-granting programs, and associated educational support programs or services. Positions in this occupational group support faculty, students and staff directly engaged in delivering the academic mission.



In a child care program, focuses on providing developmentally appropriate early care and education; provides support to families on child education; provides training and observation experiences for early childhood development students; may develop research environment and oversee, perform, and report on research conducted in the child care program.

Early Childhood Education Teachers
Delivers classroom activities, curriculum, development, and support for children and families enrolled in an early childhood development program.
Assistant Teacher
Master Teacher
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In an academic department, school/college, research center or research department, focuses on a wide range of general programmatic and academic operational services and support or the technical and specialized delivery of educational and research content for deans, chairs, faculty, staff and students.

Educational Program Leadership
Manages educational programs or initiatives by developing program content and overseeing day-to-day program, business, and administrative operations for an academic department or program. Determines programmatic objectives and priorities.
Educational Program Manager 1
Educational Program Manager 2
Educational Program Manager 3
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Educational Program Professional
Provides support and assistance in the identification, development, and delivery of educational programs or initiatives through providing responsible administrative, programmatic, and technical support or coordinating day-to-day administrative or technical activities for an academic department or program.
Educational Program Assistant 1
Educational Program Assistant 2
Educational Program Coordinator
Educational Program Administrator
Senior Educational Program Administrator
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Instructional Development
Designs instructional content for online and hybrid instruction, creating interactive media content, and building content modules in various learning systems and platforms using a variety of software applications in support of academic and professional programs.
Instructional Developer
Lead Instructional Developer
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eLearning Development
Uses educational technology, instructional design, and software applications to develop instructional solutions, in collaboration with Instructional Designers and faculty, for online courses and other education-based initiatives.
eLearning Developer 1
eLearning Developer 2
eLearning Developer 3
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