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November 20, 2017

Voluntary Holiday Departmental Closings

This message is sent on behalf of Christopher J. Delello, Chief Human Resources Officer:

As in previous years, the University will permit departmental closings the day after Thanksgiving and during the week between Christmas and New Years in units where the workload so permits and the participation is entirely voluntary, utilizing accrued time.

In consultation with division heads (Provost, Vice President or Vice Provost) and an approved plan in place, you may decide whether closure is practical for your unit. If it is not, then requests for time off should be handled in the routine way. If the work requirements will permit a departmental closure, that should be communicated to staff along with the clear statement that participation is voluntary and those who are interested should indicate what kind of discretionary time they wish to use.

If all employees in a unit wish to participate, the department may then close for a day(s) in question and arrange for appropriate communications to people who might be in contact during that time. If there are individuals who do not wish to use accrued time and take the time off, the unit should remain open with staffing levels appropriate to the potential workload and safety considerations.

Please understand that in a diverse organization we cannot assume that all individuals want this time off. An appropriate level of communication and public notice is essential.

Thank you.

For more information, contact: Human Resources at 860-486-3034 or the Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations at 860-486-5684


November 16, 2017

New Job Application Process for Classified Staff

Clerical, Maintenance and Protective Services (excluding Police)

On October 30, 2017, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) announced a new, statewide, On-line Application System(JobAps).

Although classified positions will continue to be posted on UConn’s Human Resources website, applicants will now be redirected to the State of Connecticut’s JobAps to apply for positions: Paper applications (including NP-2’s green, internal applications), will no longer be accepted.

Note: NP-2, non-competitive (no examination required) job openings will continue to be posted on the department’s bulletin boards.

It is extremely important to complete the online application with all of the requested information. The work experience section must include the following:

  1. Specific dates (month, day and year) Example: Start Date: 09/01/2012 – End Date: 07/30/2015
  2. A list of all major duties you performed for each position making sure all relevant experience and qualifications are indicated

If any of this information is missing, your application will be marked as “not qualified” and you will not be considered for the job opening. It is recommended that you complete a master application which you can then use to apply for all future job openings.

You are no longer required to have an exam score for competitive positions. Just apply to the job posting through JobAps. DAS will evaluate the application to determine whether or not the applicant meets the minimum qualifications of the job specification. This evaluation will be considered the exam. Applicants will be notified if they are qualified or not qualified. Applicants not qualified cannot be considered for the specific job opening. Again, it is very important to complete the online application with detailed information showing that you meet the minimum qualifications of the examination/position.

JobAps is mobile friendly and can be used on devices such as tablets, cell phones, etc. Additionally, computer kiosks are available in the lobby of the Human Resources Department in the Brown Building on the Depot Campus. Applicants can also go to any public library or CT Job Center to access computers available to the public.

If you do not have an email address, the State of CT DOL has provided instructions for creating an email address, Many providers offer free email.

You may find it helpful to use the following link,, on JobAps’ home page, to answer some of the following, “How do I” questions:

  1. Establish an account.
  2. Create a master application (Employees must use a personal e-mail. It is not permissible to use a UConn email address.)
  3. Apply for a job opening
  4. Sign up to receive a notice when a new job opens
  5. Update my application on file

For more information, contact: Department of Human Resources at 860-486-3034 or


November 1, 2017

*REVISED* UCPEA – Holiday Time

To UCPEA members:

The following information is being provided to all UCPEA bargaining unit members to clarify the process of earning compensatory time on a working holiday when there is an early release or late opening.

Article 8 of the UCPEA contract states: Any employee who is required to work on a legal holiday shall be granted a compensatory day for that holiday to be taken by the end of the succeeding calendar year at a time mutually agreed to by the parties.

An arbitrator’s stipulated award spelled out that when there is a late opening or an early closing on a holiday when an employee is scheduled to work, UCPEA members will earn compensatory time equivalent to the time they actually work on the holiday.

For example, if the University opened 2 hours late on Washington’s Birthday, those UCPEA bargaining unit members who report to work consistent with the late opening and work the remainder of the work day would record the day as: 7 HOL, 5 HWCE. If an employee chose to report to work at their regular starting time despite the late opening, they would accrue the holiday as: 7 HOL, 7 HWCE. A job aid has been created to assist employees with the entry of holiday time on timesheets in Core-CT:

Jay Hickey
The Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations
(W) 860-486-0258
(Fax) 860-486-3390

For more information, contact: Labor Relations at 860-486-5684.


October 24, 2017

Health Enhancement Program Compliance – Due 12/31/2017

Humans of HEP

We would love to deny it, but the annual HEP deadline is just around the corner!

If that doesn’t convince you to complete any outstanding requirements right now, perhaps these amazing stories will.

This message is part of an ongoing series about the “Humans of HEP” – snapshots of stories about real people whose lives were saved, or changed for the better, because of the Health Enhancement Program (HEP).

Fellow state employees have volunteered to share their stories with you. These stories will hopefully inspire others to participate and obtain screenings that could potentially save or change their lives as well.

Check the HEP portal now to find out what requirements you’ll need to complete this year, by Dec. 31, 2017! The portal also allows those with a chronic condition(s) to complete those requirements quickly and easily online.

For further assistance, contact Care Management Solutions toll free at (877) 687-1448. HEP representatives will be available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

November Prudential Retirement Hours, Storrs

Prudential Retirement Counselor One on One Meeting Availability for November, 2017, Storrs, Student Union

Thomas Shepherd’s availability is from 8am-5pm, Room 416A (*except where noted below):

  • Wednesday, November 1
  • Thursday, November 2
  • Tuesday, November 7
  • Thursday, November 9
  • Tuesday, November 14, *Room 303
  • Thursday, November 16
  • Tuesday, November 21
  • Tuesday, November 28
  • Wednesday, November 29
  • Thursday, November 30

Please contact Tom directly to schedule an appointment at 860.331-3248 or

Thomas Grubbs’s availability is from 8am-Noon and 1:00pm – 2:00pm (*except where noted below):

  • Wednesday, November 8, Room 416A
  • Thursday, November 9, Room 106A
  • Friday, November 10, Room 416A, *not available from 1:00pm-2:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 14, Room 322

Please contact Tom directly to schedule an appointment at 860.256.5775 or

Sponsored by the Department of Human Resources.

For more information, contact: Department of Human Resources at 860.486-3034 or


October 9, 2017

Help with In-network Care During HHC-Anthem Dispute

If you are looking for in-network care as a result of the Hartford Healthcare – Anthem dispute UConn Health can help. UConn Health is an in-network provider for Anthem, through community clinics and services on the Farmington campus. For help with making an appointment with a UConn Health provider please call their hotline established to help – 860-679-3199.

For more information, contact: UConn Health at 860-679-3199