Database Programmer/Analyst

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0611-9086
Job Family: DPS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 521


Under the general direction of designated supervisor, provides substantial technical and program support for a department, organizational unit or research project which uses extensive data bases or data systems for academic research or administrative purposes.


This position serves a dual purpose i.e., focus of the job is to 1) design as well as maintain, program and manipulate one or more databases to meet the data processing and analytical or research needs of the department/unit/project and 2) to provide substantial program expertise in support of department/program objectives; Incumbents are expected to exercise initiative and judgment and be able to independently resolve most technical as well as subject area/program problems


  1. Analyzes data needs and departmental/program requirements, determines most suitable method of computerizing information; designs database, including logical structure of file and defines relationship of data elements.
  2. Makes modifications to correct design problems or to meet changing needs.
  3. Writes programs to generate reports and retrieve information; tests, codes, debugs and documents system; assures security of data; develops comprehensive technical flow charts and written documentation for operation of data processing systems.
  4. Plans and implements data processing interfaces with other University and external data processing systems.
  5. Evaluates and selects most efficient and effective software and or programming language that best meets department needs; recommends most appropriate hardware, e.g., mainframe or microcomputer.
  6. As needed, serves as principle liaison with Computer Center and other departments and agencies for matters pertaining to data base and data processing systems.
  7. May supervise data entry and other office operations.
  8. As applicable, reviews and recommends changes in internal operating procedures to improve data processing function; assists in planning policies, procedures and implementation strategies.
  9. Serves as a technical resource and consultant regarding data system; trains department users and other staff to use system.
  10. Conducts analysis of data, as requested or needed.
  11. Provides program or subject area support through direct delivery of program services, specific to department to be served.
  12. Serves as a resource to students, staff and others on matters relating to program activities, policies and procedures.
  13. Participates in planning and implementing program activities and other projects related to the program objectives.
  14. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in program specialty or analytical discipline, appropriate to department to be served; or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  2. At least 2 years programming experience using mainframe computer system or microcomputers.
  3. Extensive knowledge of software packages and capabilities, programming languages and job control and processing techniques.
  4. Ability to work with various operating systems, data storage and retrieval mechanism and database environments.
  5. Substantial knowledge and/or experience in subject area or programs specific to department to be served.
  6. Ability to exercise independent judgment and initiative with regard to both technical and subject area functions.



Date Created: 6/28/1985
Date Scored: 4/12/1985