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Death of an Employee


The family, or someone on behalf of the family, should contact Lori Vivian, Manager Human Resources Benefits Unit – (860) 486-5734 to report the death of an employee.

Following such notification, Human Resources and the Payroll Department will review the employee’s records for a determination of:

  • Outstanding Pay
  • Payout of Accruals
  • Life Insurance Enrollment
  • Medical/Dental Continuation for Surviving Spouse/Children
  • Tuition Waiver Continuation for Surviving Spouse/Children
  • Survivor Benefits under Connecticut State Employees Retirement System (SERS) or the Alternate Retirement Program (ARP)
  • Continuation of Additional Benefits

Payroll Department – (860) 486-2423

The Payroll Department will complete the agency portion of the CO-536 Claim for Payment Due Deceased Employee and forward it to the employee’s named beneficiary (Retirement Plan Beneficiary as designated on CO-931h). The beneficiary must submit the completed form and an official death notice to the Payroll Department. If there is no beneficiary, or the named beneficiary predeceased the employee, outstanding pay and the payout of accruals will be made to the estate.

The Payroll Department sends information to the Office of the State Comptroller, who processes the payout of outstanding pay and the payout of accruals and the payment of Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance (if enrolled) to the designated life insurance beneficiary(ies).

Human Resources – Lori Vivian, Manager Benefits Unit – (860) 486-5734

The Benefits Unit will contact the employee’s named beneficiary (Retirement Plan Beneficiary as designated on CO-931h) with information about continuation of benefits.