Degree Auditor

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0404-9084
Job Family: ASR
FLSA Code: N
Score: 463


Under the general direction of the Registrar, is responsible for undergraduate degree certification.


  1. Audits transcripts and plans of study to determine undergraduate students’ compliance or non-compliance with University and School/College degree requirements and University regulations.
  2. Keeps informed of University by-laws, policies, rules and regulations of the University and the twelve Schools and Colleges that pertain to degree requirements; keeps informed of changes and their effective dates through examination and review of degree requirement set forth for each catalog year and through school/college or senate minutes or administrative order and applies these criteria to the audit of each transcript.
  3. Researches problem situations and follows up with students, faculty, parents, deans and administrators to ensure equitable treatment.
  4. Is responsible for the accuracy of degree audits and information used to compile graduation data.
  5. Advises students, advisors and Deans about academic deficiencies, procedural deadlines, degree requirements, restrictions, regulations and alternate courses of action.
  6. Schedules, requests, analyzes for accuracy and distributes data processing reports; codes data for correction in master file.
  7. Anticipates and solves procedural problems resulting from policy changes.
  8. Supervises and trains assistant.
  9. Serves as a resource to the University community, the public and others regarding degree certification policies and practices.
  10. Works closely with other staff in the Registrar’s office and other University offices to ensure smooth coordination and accuracy of information.
  11. Evaluates and establishes office procedures and forms for improved efficiency, better communication and improved data processing procedures.
  12. Consults authorities for guidance in the interpretation and execution of new academic policies or unusual cases.
  13. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in appropriate field or equivalent combination of training and experience.
  2. Two to three years experience in a Registrar’s office.
  3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  4. Analytical skills.
  5. Supervisory ability.

Date Created: 6/28/85