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Dependent Child Tuition Waiver Management/Confidential Employees

UCPEA: Defined by article 34 of the the University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association contract effective July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2011. Extended to 2016 by SEBAC agreement.

AAUP: Defined By article 19 of the University of Connecticut Chapter-American Association of University Professors contract effective July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2011. Extended to 2016 by SEBAC agreement.

UNITE: University of Connecticut Dining Service Employees with ten or more years of satisfactory service may be eligible.
Contact Dining Services Human Resources for additional information.

Management/Confidential, Unrepresented Law School Faculty, ROTC Teaching Faculty: Tuition waiver benefit extended by action of the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees.

A waiver of tuition is extended to the dependent children of employees in the above groups who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Connecticut.

Dependent Tuition Waiver Online Form

Dependent Child Waiver Eligibility

Employee Status: A UConn employee must be employed a minimum of 50% to be eligible for a dependent child tuition waiver. Less than 100% employment requires a waiver to be prorated to the current percent of employment (from 50% – 100%).

Student Status: The student who will be benefitting from the waiver must be the dependent child of an eligible University employee and less than 24 years of age in the calendar year in which the child will receive the waiver. If the dependent’s surname differs from the University employee’s surname, a brief explanation must be provided.


The student must be matriculating into an undergraduate program at the University

Upon initial application proof of age and dependent status must be provided to Human Resources in the form of an original birth certificate. HR may request a non-amended copy of an original State of CT or Federal Tax return upon initial application, or upon request by Human Resources at any time while the child is benefitting from a waiver.

The benefit applies to Fall & Spring semesters only.

A separate waiver request must be submitted for each child, each semester.

Specifically Excluded from the Tuition Waiver

  • General University fees; or any other fees.
  • Intersession, summer session, graduate classes.

Special Considerations for Study Abroad Students

Dependent Child Tuition Waivers cover only the tuition component of an eligible dependent’s course fee. It will not cover any room and board charges or any other assessed fees.

Most study abroad programs have no tuition component or a tuition component that is considerably less than the UConn tuition fee. The waiver will equal the actual amount of the tuition charge for the student’s program.

Please check with the Study Abroad Program administration for the specifics of your dependent’s particular Study Abroad Program

Important Administrative Tuition Benefit Contacts:

Department of Human Resources

Patricia Geissler
Tuition Benefits Coordinator
(860) 486-2670

Office of the Bursar
Ramesh KC
Student Administration Services
(860) 486-0839