Dining Services Area Assistant Manager

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0549-09085
Job Family: DNS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 500


Under the general supervision of designated manager, assists in coordinating activities and providing effective supervision and leadership in the University’s Dining Services operation.


  1. Assists in operating and maintaining an efficient and effective food production and service system; ensures safe and sanitary conditions, in accordance with appropriate standards, laws, policies and regulations.
  2. Directly supervises production and maintenance operations in assigned residence hall(s) or food production area; trains, supervises, schedules and assigns work to student employees and is responsible for time and attendance records.
  3. Conducts training programs for Dining Service employees; participates in evaluating training needs.
  4. Participates in planning menus and providing nutrition education for students. Develops and updates product specifications.
  5. Assists in ordering food/beverages and supplies and is responsible for the safe and sanitary receiving of such supplies and food. May requisition supplies to maintain inventory.
  6. Maintains appropriate records, including fiscal and student personnel records. Prepares information and/or reports as required.
  7. Works with students, residence hall staff and others and to maximize student satisfaction with dining services and to improve the residence hall experience for students.
  8. Maintains physical appearance and cleanliness standards of seating and work areas.
  9. Plans and organizes special programs and projects, as assigned.
  10. Identifies areas for improvement in services, cost effectiveness, physical facilities and other areas of operation to meet changing needs and priorities; makes recommendations.
  11. Maintains functional operation of dispensing equipment and cash registers. Is responsible for the accurate collection, accounting for and handling of cash transactions.
  12. Controls entry into Dining Services Unit.
  13. Assists in promoting Dining Services program(s) and seeks to achieve high level of acceptance by students and staff.
  14. Develops and maintains good customer relations; follows through to ensure complaints are resolved promptly.
  15. Assists in on-site monitoring of renovation or re-modeling projects.
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in food services area, such as Foods and Nutrition, Institutional Management, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  2. Six months to two years relevant experience.
  3. Strong supervisory and personnel skills; good interpersonal skills.
  4. Knowledge of food ordering, storage, sanitation, inventory control.
  5. Knowledge of menu planning, quantity food preparation, merchandising and service.
  6. Knowledge of food service equipment and maintenance.


  1. Registration as Registered Dietitian

Scored: 10/17/86
Revised: 07/01/06, 02/08/07