Educational Media Associate

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0767-9087
Job Family: COM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 579


Under the general direction of responsible administrator or supervisor, operates a media service for a department or division and is responsible for providing highly technical and creative media support as well as other related educational or program support.


This position is intended for departments or divisions that require extensive technical and creative media support. Incumbents in this position are expected to function at a highly technical level or at a highly creative production level, or both.  Technical work requires an in-depth knowledge of how to make the equipment produce the desired result; the creative work requires the ability to design materials which produce the intended effect; and the related support requires a general understanding of department/division programs and services.


  1. Is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and control of media systems and electrical and mechanical equipment such as audio-visual and/or photographic and darkroom equipment, including still and copy cameras (B/W and color), cinemagraphic equipment, projection equipment and audio-visual tape recorders, TV cameras, sound mixers and recorders, lighting equipment, public address and sound equipment, etc
  2. Plans, designs, and produces high quality media materials for publication, research documentation or for promotional purposes, using a variety of complex media equipment or systems.
  3. Schedules and is responsible for routine maintenance and repair of equipment and media software through proper systematic repair procedures and/or routine maintenance procedures; investigates malfunctions, makes corrections or repairs; contracts for major repairs.
  4. Supervises and controls scheduling, delivery and operation of media equipment and services for use by department/division.
  5. Maintains and defines inventory of supplies and equipment; keeps inventory, maintenance and repair records.
  6. Recommends purchase of media equipment and supplies based on need, product availability, relative costs and benefits; writes bid specifications, places orders and follows up to resolve vendor and purchasing problems.
  7. Assists and instructs others regarding proper use of a wide variety of media systems or electronic and mechanical equipment; serves as technical consultant regarding capability and most effective use of equipment and systems and production techniques.
  8. Resolves problems which arise during production/post-production processes based on an understanding of the most effective production or presentation techniques chosen, technical capabilities of the equipment employed and desired result.
  9. Plans, or assists in maintaining, an extensive library collection of media materials and other resource materials to support department/division activities; provides reference, circulation, collection maintenance, collection development and other library assistance, as required.
  10. Develops and/or assists in the planning and design of new media systems for the department/division.
  11. Provides related educational or administrative assistance to department/division, e.g., computer assisted learning programs, self instructional programs, training programs, or other activities which support the curriculum or major department/division activities.
  12. Supervises and trains others engaged in media support activities.
  13. Develops operating policies and procedures for media support functions, establishes short and long-range goals and recommends future directions.
  14. Evaluates overall media needs and effectiveness of media support; recommends improvements based on up-to-date knowledge of technology and understanding of department/division programs.
  15. Serves as a resource regarding how to most effectively achieve desired effect or elicit desired response, using combination of sound and visual effects, lighting, script, color, design, music, etc.
  16. May provide computer hardware and software assistance, including installation and maintenance, if required by the department to be served.
  17. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in a media or electronics field; or equivalent combination of training and experience, along with substantial evidence of ability to perform the required functions of the job.
  2. Three to five years related experience in media production, techniques and services.
  3. Technical and creative ability to produce and design a wide variety of high quality print and non-print media materials.
  4. Highly developed technical and electronics skills related to a variety of complex media equipment, and ability to maintain and assess media systems and diagnose problems.
  5. Ability to work effectively with faculty, staff and others.
  6. General understanding of department/division programs and services


  1. Advanced degree in media or related field and 2 to 3 years experience.