Electronic Design Technician III

Payroll Title: UCP V
Class Code: 0521-9085
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 488


Under the general direction of designated supervisor or faculty member, designs, constructs and maintains complex scientific and electronic equipment and instruments to support the specialized research and teaching activities of a department or division.


Incumbents in this position are expected to solve new and unusual technical problems with minimum recourse to supervisor and to be thoroughly familiar with all standard scientific and electronic equipment and methods and be capable of designing a variety of new equipment and methods of substantial complexity.  Incumbents may also have responsibility for operating one or more laboratories and for supervising others.


  1. Designs, constructs, tests, trouble shoots and installs complex scientific and electronic devices, equipment and instruments, which may be complex or specialized, e.g. computer interfaces, high pressure vacuum systems, optical measuring systems.
  2. Adjusts, calibrates, aligns, tests and modifies complex scientific and electronic equipment and instruments, e.g. data collection and unusual test equipment involving the use of meters, oscilloscopes, frequency standards, frequency counters and computers.
  3. Performs preventive maintenance and repairs, which may be complex, on a variety of scientific and electronic instruments and equipment.
  4. Advises faculty, researchers, technicians and students on equipment and component capability and performance; recommends appropriate equipment for experimental purposes.
  5. Monitors inventory of supplies, ordering as necessary, and monitors expenditures.
  6. Resolves complex design and malfunction problems of electronic and scientific equipment, including specialized measurement problems.
  7. Instructs others in the proper and safe use of a variety of scientific and electronic equipment and instruments, e.g. computers, data acquisition systems and oscilloscopes.
  8. Operates a variety of scientific and electronic instruments and devices, e.g. micro and mini computers and their associated peripherals.
  9. Provides general laboratory and instructional support, as needed or required.
  10. Oversees daily operations of various research labs in the department.
  11. May provide research or instructional support in a second area of expertise, e.g. programs computers in both high level and machine level language.
  12. Keeps informed regarding current developments in the field of electronics and academic discipline specific to the department to be served.
  13. May train and/or oversee the work of other technicians and student help.


  1. Technical Institute graduation with an Associates Degree in electronic or related field and three to five years progressively responsible experience in the construction, maintenance, testing, repair and design of scientific or electronic equipment, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  2. Knowledge of principles of electronics and of scientific discipline in department to be served
  3. Knowledge of the methods and materials used in repair and maintenance of scientific and electronic instruments and devices.
  4. Ability to read and interpret complex diagrams and specifications, and to modify complex electronic and scientific instruments and devices.
  5. Ability to independently resolve complex problems.
  6. Ability to oversee laboratory operations.
  7. Other technical specialization as required by department to be served.


Date Created: 6/28/1985
Date Scored: 3/10/1983