UConn Employee COVID-19 Vaccination

Monday, January 11, 2021

Dear Storrs and Regional Campus Faculty, Staff and Graduate Assistants:

Please join President Katsouleas and several leaders from UConn and UConn Health at a virtual Town Hall to discuss the University’s employee vaccination plan and to answer employee questions. The Town Hall will take place from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Friday, January 15 via YouTube. Employees are encouraged to submit questions before and during the Town Hall via hr-communications@uconn.edu (please use “1/15 Town Hall” in the subject line).

In consultation with stakeholders, the Connecticut Department of Public Health has set the schedule for state agencies, including UConn, regarding who is eligible for a vaccination and the timetable for distributing and administering the vaccine. Below, please find the timetable for doing so and the impacted categories of UConn employees.

Please note that there may be new or updated guidance from the state that could alter the timetable or phases and categories of impacted employees. Below is the current plan as it stands today:

Anticipated Phases and Timeline of Employee Vaccination Program

Phases Anticipated Timeline Impacted Employees
Phase 1a Ongoing through end of January 2021 Student Health and Wellness, Public Safety, Clinical Faculty and Staff with direct student or patient care in clinical settings
Phase 1b Beginning late-January to early-February 2021 On-campus employees related to critical infrastructure, student contact, and research, including on-campus Graduate Assistants
Phase 2 Beginning mid- to late- 2021 All remaining employees, including telecommuting employees

At the appropriate times, Human Resources will contact employees within each phase to schedule a vaccination appointment; invitations to a vaccine cannot be shared and must not be forwarded.

At this time, receiving the vaccine is voluntary. Storrs employees will receive vaccinations at Hawley Armory on the Storrs campus; Hartford (including GBLC), Law and Waterbury employees will receive vaccinations at UConn Health in Farmington; and the University intends to set up one-day vaccination clinics at Avery Point and Stamford on yet to be determined dates, respectively.

Once again, the Town Hall will take place from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Friday, January 15 via YouTube. Employees are encouraged to submit questions before and during the Town Hall via hr-communications@uconn.edu (please use “1/15 Town Hall” in the subject line).

December 21, 2020 Update on COVID Vaccine and Employee Testing

December 21, 2020

Dear Storrs and Regional Colleagues,

On December 14th, I wrote to the University community with information on spring 2021 COVID-19 testing and an employee vaccination program. I write to you today with an update.


Of the approximately 1,400 employees who responded to our vaccination survey, 97% indicated a willingness to take the vaccine. If you have not done so, please consider completing the brief survey. For those of you who have already participated, thank you; the information collected is invaluable as we plan for the rollout of the vaccination program in the coming months.

While the roll-out of the vaccine to all employees will take place over the course of 2021, we encourage employees to register with MyChart, via UConn Health, to prepare in advance. To register with MyChart, please follow the link sent via email on 12/21/20. Please select the Verify Identity with a Third Party option. Employees who have technical difficulties registering should contact 860-679-4400 and select Option #2.

Vaccination Phases

The FDA has approved the Moderna vaccine and UConn Health is awaiting the shipment; it is our expectation that UConn Health will use the Moderna vaccine for vaccinating UConn employees. We originally anticipated vaccinations would begin on December 22nd; however, we anticipate vaccinations will now begin for the following employees on or around December 30th: Student Health and Wellness, Public Safety, and some Clinical Faculty who are involved in direct patient or student care. This group represents Phase 1a of the vaccination program. Phase 1a employees will receive an email once vaccines are secured to schedule their appointment. As such, Phase 1a employees should monitor their emails daily over the holidays.

Following the vaccination of Phase 1a employees in late December and early January, we will begin prioritizing and vaccinating the approximately 3,500 employees who are working on campus during spring 2021 in capacities related to critical infrastructure, student contact, and research. Graduate Assistants working on campus will also be vaccinated with this population. This group represents Phase 1b.

All remaining employees, including those working on campus less than full-time and telecommuting employees, will receive the vaccination in Phase 2. We anticipate that this population, which represents the majority of employees, will not receive the vaccine until fall 2021 or later.

Baseline Testing

Employee baseline testing for spring 2021 will take place from January 4th through January 22nd. Human Resources will share testing dates, times, and locations with employees on the On-Campus Registry later this week. Tests and vaccinations will take place in Hawley Armory on the Storrs campus, but tests and vaccinations will occur on different days. The University is establishing special cleaning protocols between testing and vaccination days.

We will continue to share regular updates and information on employee testing and the vaccination program during the holidays and throughout the spring semester.

I wish you all a happy holiday season – and as always, remain vigilant and stay healthy.



Christopher Delello

Chief Human Resources Officer

December 14, 2020 Spring 2021 Employee Testing and Vaccination Program

December 14, 2020

Dear Storrs and Regional Colleagues,

I write with an update on the status of the spring semester On-Campus Registry, COVID-19 testing, and the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine to UConn employees.

On-Campus Registry

As a reminder, the deadline for organizations to submit their Spring On-Campus Registry is tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15th. Our goal is to maintain a low employee density on campus during the Spring semester, and Registries should result in a similar number of employees being placed on the registry as appeared in the Fall. The Registry also allows us to facilitate baseline and surveillance testing for on-campus employees.

Regionals: Available Testing

For the remainder of 2020, HR will offer COVID-19 potential exposure and surveillance testing to regional employees through Vault or through UConn Health in Farmington or Storrs. At this time, testing at CVS is not an option, due to higher demand from the public. If you are currently experiencing difficulties scheduling a University-sponsored test at your local CVS, please reach out to Michelle.Monko@uconn.edu; she will facilitate an at-home test through Vault. HR will reevaluate regional campus testing options in January and update the community with any changes.

Storrs: On-Campus Testing

Through the Spring 2021 semester, COVID-19 potential exposure and surveillance testing will continue at Hawley Armory on the Storrs campus for employees. We strongly encourage an increase in testing for asymptomatic on-campus employees during the winter break, and we encourage employees to contact their managers, who should inform HR of the request for testing. Employees who are not working on campus over winter break should not return to campus for testing.

Spring 2021 Hawley Armory Testing Schedule

Mondays: 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Wednesdays: 8:30 am – 11:30 am

Fridays: 8:30 am – 11:30 am

Employee Baseline Testing: Spring Semester 2021

Baseline Testing for employees listed on the On-Campus Registry will take place from January 4th to January 19th. Baseline testing remains voluntary. Invitations for baseline testing will begin next week.

Vaccination Program: UConn Storrs and Regionals

In collaboration with UConn Health, Human Resources has developed a voluntary employee vaccination program. In an effort to provide an effective service, please complete the vaccine survey via Qualtrics. We will share information soon on a Town Hall for faculty and staff with subject matter experts to help employees understand more about the vaccine. Our goal is to promote trust, avoid judgment, and provide access to information. See the addendum below for more information.

Graduate Assistants working on campus in the Spring semester will receive a separate communication.

A Moment of Thanks

As we celebrate the season and close out the year, I want us each to celebrate each other and our successes as UConn Nation this year. As you celebrate in the beauty of the season or the festivities of many holiday traditions modified within this pandemic, I want to thank each of you for your commitment to UConn.

As requested in prior communications, I ask all Huskies to continue the efforts we have made throughout the year to stay safe and keep our community healthy. Wear masks, socially distance, wash your hands, and please refrain from eating together with your colleagues during this pandemic now that New England winter weather is here. Stay Healthy, Be Vigilant, Think Hopefully.

In gratitude,


Christopher Delello

Chief Human Resources Officer, UConn and UConn Health


Today kicks off the UConn COVID-19 vaccination program. Earlier this semester, the Office of Human Resources ordered 10,000 vaccinations and UConn Health (UCH) has agreed to be the recipient and distributor of our vaccines. The vaccination program will be voluntary and will start as early as December 22nd. Our current plan, which is fast moving, will include vaccinations taking place at Hawley Armory on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the foreseeable future, pending the delivery of the needed dosages throughout 2021.

Vaccination Phases: The UConn vaccination program will closely track the state of Connecticut’s three phases:

Phase 1a) – All UConn Student Health and Wellness employees, first responders in Public Safety, and certain clinical faculty members will be the first to be invited to receive the vaccination. There are approximately 400 individuals in this first phase that will commence December 22nd through mid -January. Vaccines for this first phase will be at Storrs and Farmington only; in later phases, determination about viability of regional campus employee vaccinations will be more fully developed.

Phase 1b) – All of the three On-Campus Registry groups from regular and special payroll - Infrastructure, Student Contact, and Research, including all GAs that are required to be on campus in the Spring semester - will be invited to receive the vaccine. There are approximately 3,500 individuals in this vaccination phase with invitations anticipated to begin mid- to late-January in a yet to be determined priority order.

Phase 2) All remaining On Campus Registry groups, including rotational employees, as well as telecommuting employees. The timing and extent of this phase remains under development. It is likely not to occur until mid-2021 or later. There are approximately 6,100 regular and temporary UConn individuals in this phase.

Vaccine Ordering: The employee vaccines for the UConn campuses have already been ordered from the state of Connecticut by UCH, at the request of the Office of Human Resources.

UConn Vaccine HR Survey: Please complete the vaccine survey by Monday, December 21st

UConn Vaccine Coordinator: Vicki Fry, Manager, Employee Wellbeing and Engagement

UConn Vaccine Administration: While UConn Health will schedule the first and second doses, the Office of Human Resources will initiate instructions to employees.

UConn Vaccine Cost: There is no cost to the vaccine; insurance companies will be charged the cost to administer the vaccine.

UConn Vaccine Staggering: UConn Health will administer the first and second doses of the vaccine within the required time frame. As such, employees within the same department might not be vaccinated at the same time. Instead, vaccinations might be staggered over several weeks in order to ensure continuity of business, in case an employee experiences a reaction to the vaccine.

Vaccine FAQs: Please refer to the UCH FAQs developed for the first communities scheduled to receive the vaccine. As we continue through the UConn vaccination program, more tailored FAQs will be developed.