Employee Separation Guidelines for Supervisors

Supervisors: Use this separation process checklist when an employee is ending employment with the University.


Facilitate Completion of the Separation Checklist.

The supervisor of a departing employee is to facilitate the completion and return of a separation checklist, by the departing employee, within 2 weeks of the employee's separation.

Review the Completed Checklist.

The supervisor then reviews the completed checklist for acceptance, preferably within 1 business day of completion. Should any items of concern arise from the checklist, the supervisor should discuss/resolve these items with the departing employee immediately.

Forward and Electronic Copy to Appropriate Departments.

Once the checklist has been reviewed and accepted by the supervisor, the supervisor must then auto-forward an electronic copy of the checklist to departments who are also affected by the separation (eg. UITS, EH&S, HR, & FSLR).

Provide a Copy to the Departing Employee.

The Supervisor must also provide a copy of the accepted checklist to the departing employee. The departing employee should retain this copy for their personal records.

Please Note: In the case of involuntary termination, supervisors must complete the checklist for the employee and follow-up with Faculty & Staff Labor Relations should there be any items of concern.