Employment Advertising Coordinator

Payroll Title: UCP IV
Class Code: 0437-9084
Job Family: ADM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 475


Under the direct supervision of designated administrator, provides timely and effective advertising services to university departments to attract highly competitive and qualified individuals for University service.


  1. Provides assistance to department users on costs and advertising strategies.
  2. Works closely with the Office of Affirmative Action Programs to insure compliance with policy changes and closing dates as necessary.
  3. Acts as liaison with advertising agencies, publications, etc. and other vendors to resolve any problems and to meet publication deadlines.
  4. Receives and codes all incoming employment applications/resumes for appropriate filing.
  5. Processes all paid employment advertising for professional and classified position vacancies for the main campus and all regional campuses.
  6. Monitors the general fund budget; prepares financial reports on expenditures; prepares advertising bills for payment; resolves billing problems with departments and vendors.
  7. Maintains search files and related materials.
  8. Identifies and refers qualified minorities and women for active searches as well as professional resumes to departments on request.
  9. Responds to unsolicited resumes and circulates them to appropriate departments.
  10. Composes and issues correspondence to applicants regarding their application/resume status and exam information.
  11. Oversees data entry of information into Focus Advertising File.
  12. Presents and participates in workshops relating to employment advertising.
  13. Performs other related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree and one year experience in related field or a combination of education and experience in a University setting.
  2. Demonstrated ability to work independently
  3. Good organizational and communication skills.
  4. Knowledge of office procedures.
  5. Experience with accounting procedures.


  1. Two to three years experience in academic administration.

Date Created: 05/08/86