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End Date Non-Renewal (UCPEA)

UCPEA end date employees who are not renewed are eligible for certain health benefits and post-employment benefits, depending on their years of service.

Employees with at least one year of service

In accordance with the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) Placement and Training Agreement, eligible employees can receive the following benefits:

  • Up to four months of medical and dental insurance continuation, provided they pay their share of the cost. COBRA is available thereafter.
  • Placement on the SEBAC Reemployment List
  • Counseling and Outplacement Services

Visit the DAS Website to learn more about these benefits.

Employees with at least four years of service

Eligible employees can be placed on the UCPEA Recall List, in accordance with Article 44 of the UCPEA contract.

Other considerations

UCPEA employees who are eligible for retirement should be aware that if they transition directly into retirement, they receive:

  • Retiree life insurance, if enrolled in basic life insurance
  • Payout of any “banked” sick leave accrued while in a statewide bargaining unit
  • Prorated longevity payment

UCPEA employees who do not transition directly into retirement, do not return to state employment, and commence retirement benefits after a break in service do not receive the above benefits.

If you have questions about your SEBAC or Recall rights, email Human Resources or call 860-486-3034.