Environmental Health and Safety Specialist II

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0730-9087
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 575


Under the direction of a Manager, organizes and provides specialty technical services for the Department of Environmental Health and Safety in one or more of the following program areas: Biological Health and Safety, Chemical Health and Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, and Radiation Safety.


  1. Develops strategy for, and conducts complex survey of, University facilities and operations for hazardous conditions and potential violations of applicable Federal, State, and local environmental health and safety standards and guidelines.
  2. Develops and administers training programs in specialty technical areas for University staff, as required by regulations, University policies, and departmental directives.
  3. Inspects and monitors equipment, work areas, work practices and procedures for compliance with established environmental health and safety rules, regulations, and University policies.
  4. Provides interpretations of rules and regulations pertaining to environmental health and safety to University administration and staff.
  5. Develops systems and procedures for the acquisitions of appropriate regulatory data and assures appropriate information is collected.
  6. Directs and administers the preparation and maintenance of mandated regulatory records.
  7. Supervises and administers procurement, reception, and distribution of regulated hazardous materials arriving at or departing from the University as needed.
  8. Develops safety guidelines, official announcements, related communications, and educational materials, as appropriate.
  9. Coordinates abatement action programs with regulatory and consultant agencies, as appropriate.
  10. Participates in the development of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with environmental health and safety standards and best management practices.
  11. Responds to emergencies involving hazardous materials and directs remediation efforts on-site, as needed.
  12. Investigates and submits written reports on incidents involving environmental health and safety matters and remediate or directs remediation efforts, as needed.
  13. Provides technical services related to the handling, storage, removal, and disposal of hazardous materials, as needed.
  14. Provides expert technical consultation to University staff regarding appropriate environmental health and safety parameters and needs of proposed experiments or procedures.
  15. Operates, maintains, and calibrates environmental health and safety monitoring and testing equipment.
  16. Helps develop and conduct emergency pre-planning for the campus.
  17. May supervise professional and student staff.
  18. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Master’s degree in Environmental Health and Safety or related discipline and two years experience in environmental health and safety discipline or related field.
    Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health and Safety or related discipline and four years experience in environmental health and safety discipline or related field.
  2. Knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, nationally recognized standards and guidelines, as related to specialized environmental health and safety functions of the position.
  3. Demonstrated experience in recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental health and safety hazards.
  4. Excellent communication skills.
  5. Ability to respond promptly in-person to all campus locations requiring environmental health and safety services, including the regional campuses.
  6. Ability to perform tasks requiring manual dexterity and the ability to lift 40-50 lb containers and handle 55-gallon drums, as needed.


  1. Professional certification in technical discipline or meets qualifications for certification.


• Position may be required to respond to emergencies outside of normal business hours, as needed.

• Professional certification or license may be required by regulation for specific specialty technical fields.
Date Created: 06/28/85
Date Revised: 06/02/88, 10/31/05