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Salary Equity Analysis System for Non-Teaching Professionals

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for monitoring compliance with University policies and collective bargaining agreements regarding compensation and classification.  A salary regression analysis is utilized as the administrative tool to ensure compliance.  It measures equitable relationships between employee salaries within a specific functional level.  The general underlying principle for this review is that employees with similar credited years of experience in the same functional level should be making comparable salaries to one another.

Salary equity reviews are not intended to be used as mechanisms for:

  • Rewarding performance
  • Compensating for additional work or increased volume
  • Compensating for competence, qualifications and overall ability


To ensure consistency, a statistical tool known as a linear regression is created, utilizing two independent variables for the analysis:

  1. years of credited service
  2. annual salaries of employees at a particular level

To determine an employee’s credited years of service, the individual is credited one hundred percent (100%) for the length of time in their current position.  Prior professional University experience is credited at fifty percent (50%).

The regression calculations are plotted on a graph with the employees’ data to provide a visual relationship of the salaries.  Data points (representing employee salaries) falling between the upper and lower lines of standard deviation are considered equitable salaries.


Requests for salary equity reviews must be requested by a manager outside of the bargaining unit and need an appropriate justification for the request.  If a manager believes there is an inequitable relationship between one employee’s salary and other employees in similar positions with similar years of experience, the manager may submit a written request to their designated HR Associate in Workforce Solutions at Unit 5075.  Approved salary adjustments require a Payroll Authorization signed by an appropriate manager outside of the bargaining unit.