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Faculty Advertisement Checklist

The sections in bold are mandatory and must be included in all faculty job postings.

Posting Title
Check Box All job title(s) are listed.
Position Summary
Check Box The Program, Department, School or College is identified.
Check Box A marketing statement or description of the Program, Department, School/College or University is included.
Check Box The duties of the position have been identified.
Check Box A reference to teaching duties has been included (Note: this is required to qualify for a Special Handling).
Check Box A reference to contributing to the University’s distance learning priorities has been included.
Check Box Ad includes minimum qualifications.
Check Box Ad includes preferred qualifications.
Check Box Minimum and preferred qualifications are explicitly defined.
Check Box Minimum degree requirements are included and consistent with all posted faculty ranks.
Check Box Ad includes language that allows for a specified degree and related degrees.
Check Box Ad includes language that allows for equivalent foreign degrees.
Check Box Demonstrated experience in distance learning initiatives is referenced as one of the preferred qualifications.
Check Box One of the approved diversity statements is listed as a preferred qualification.
Check Box The qualifications in the ad match the qualifications in the recruiting solutions 9.1 system.
Appointment Terms
Check Box The position has been identified as tenure track or non-tenure track.
Check Box The appointment term has been specified.
Check Box An anticipated start date has been identified.
Check Box A statement regarding salary has been included.
Check Box A statement that will ensure that the successful candidate, should they be a foreign national seeking a work authorization or permanent residency, will be able to work at various campus locations has been included.
To Apply
Check Box Instruction to apply through the faculty webpage has been included.
Check Box Ad includes a list of documents to be included as part of the application.
Check Box A list of additional required documentation and instructions for submitting such information (e.g., letters of reference, transcripts, etc.) has been included.