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Hire Approval (Certification) – Faculty

When you are ready to submit your search to ODE for Hire Certification please make sure:

Check Box Every applicant ranked “A” and offered an interview has a disposition entered in RSA, including those who withdrew or declined.
Check Box All dispositions comments correspond to qualifications in RSA and the job description/advertisement.
Check Box For applicants interviewed in the first rounds via electronic means (i.e. phone, Skype etc…), the 2-3 sentence disposition explains the rationale for the applicant not being invited to campus for the next round.
Check Box For the selected candidate, the 4-5 sentence disposition gives a clear and convincing explanation of why the applicant will be offered the position must be entered into RSA.  This explanation should reference the minimum and/or preferred qualifications from the job description.
Check Box All disposition comments:

  • Correspond to qualifications in RSA and the job description/advertisement.
  • Are specific, detailed, concrete, and objective and do not contain feelings, emotions or broad, general statements.
  • Do not include second-hand knowledge.
  • Do not include language referencing a protected class
Check Box Every candidate that is offered (or negotiated with) is documented as such.
Check Box If a candidate declined an offer or negotiations were not successful, the disposition reflects the reasons why the candidate was selected with an indication that the offer/negotiation was declined/unsuccessful.
Check Box The order in which candidates were offered is indicated in the disposition.
Check Box The final selected candidate is designated as such in RSA.
Check Box A copy of the draft offer letter has been uploaded into RSA.