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Interview Approval (Certification) – Faculty and Staff Searches

When you are ready to submit your search to ODE for Interview Certification please make sure:

Check Box Recruitment efforts to cast a broad net and fulfill the good faith requirement have been made.
Check Box All recruitment efforts and sources are entered in the Recruitment Contacts section.
Check Box All qualifications entered in RSA match the minimum and preferred qualifications in the job description.
Check Box All applicants are ranked using the A, Q, U ranking system.
Check Box All candidates ranked “A” will be offered an interview (initial interview can be via phone or Skype etc… or in person).
Check Box UCPEA applicants meeting the minimum qualifications and having indicated their UCPEA membership on application materials are ranked “A” and offered an interview.
Check Box All “Q” (Qualified) applicants met the minimum qualifications.  The disposition indicates the preferred qualification(s) that are lacking.
Check Box All “U” (Unqualified) applicants’ dispositions indicate the minimum qualification(s) that are lacking.
Check Box All applicant dispositions:

  • Correspond to the qualifications in RSA and the job description.
  • Follow a logical progression.  (Ex:  “Q” applicants are more qualified than “U” applicants).
  • Do not overlap between the different rankings (Ex: “Q” and “U” applicants do not have the same disposition).
  • Are concrete, objective, and detailed and do not contain feelings, emotions or broad general statements.
  • Do not contain discriminatory or subjective language.
  • Do not contain second hand knowledge

Amended Interview Certification

When submitting an amended request for interview certification (additional “A” candidates or changing “Q” applicants to “A”) please make sure:

Check Box The “Q” applicant(s) moving to “A” are the most qualified.
Check Box The applicants’ rankings are changed to “A” in RSA.
Check Box All new applicants have dispositions justifying their rankings.
Check Box All dispositions follow the guidelines above.