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Recruitment Strategies

Subscribe to professional organizations’ journals, trade publications, newsletters, listservs, etc and advertise in their publications and media.

Advertise in diversity publications, newsletters, listservs, websites, etc.

Encourage faculty to network at professional meetings, conferences, lecture series, etc. They can provide potential applicants with general information about UConn as well as information about specific faculty job openings. They should also be encouraged to solicit resumes or C.V.s (curriculum vitaes) from talented professionals which can also be maintained in a departmental database for future vacancies.

Use directory fellowship programs at both the dissertation and postdoctoral levels, including those that support individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Contact people you know in the field. Even if they are not currently looking for a new position, they may know someone who is looking. Contact women and minorities who have received grants or professional recognition and ask for names of potential applicants

Consider encouraging recent graduates, including minorities and women, from your own department to apply for junior faculty positions.

Maintain ongoing relationships with UConn alumni that have faculty appointments at other institutions and encourage them to recommend the University to their students and colleagues.

Talk to colleagues at other schools and ask about their recent grads

Identify prospective applicants who have achieved success outside the typical academic setting.

Promote the university, school/college and department’s commitment to diversity in departmental newsletters, brochures, and on the departmental website.

Identify and contact the people publishing interesting research in the field, giving strong talks nationally, receiving significant grants and recognition, etc. Even if they are not currently looking for a new position, they may know someone who is looking.

Establish relationships with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other scholars who would be excellent candidate s for upcoming positions, or who may know other potential candidates.

Invite scholars from other institutions to participate in department symposia, lecture series, visiting appointments, etc.

Review recent searches in your department to determine if there were other top candidates that may still be interested in a faculty position at UConn.

When you conduct a search and have a number of qualified applicants, continue to maintain relationships even with those that you did not select or those that did not select us. At some point you will have another position to fill and they may still be interested.

Build long-term relationships and develop a plan for keeping in contact with these individuals on a regular basis.

Send a periodic update about job openings. Invite the interested parties to visit your organization when in the area. Your professional and ongoing contact with potential applicants ensures recruiting success.