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Faculty Titles Dictionary – Introduction

This dictionary contains the approved list of titles that are available for use on University documents. These titles will identify tenure track faculty, non-tenure track faculty, research positions, and other professional positions that the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) represents. Titles for searches, offer letters, payroll authorizations, leave requests, and similar administrative documents must be drawn from this lexicon.

The table of contents lists each title in the dictionary organized by type of position. Individual sections include an introductory overview with information on the use of the title, requirements of the position, terms of employment and the like.

Keep in mind that in some instances an employee may carry more than one title. For example, a person may be a department head and a professor. For administrative purposes, it is important to distinguish the primary or payroll title (the title which determines bargaining unit status, salary, and conditions of employment), from the concurrent secondary (functional) title. On a payroll authorization the primary title is listed first and the secondary title on the line below. For example, a sitting academic department head’s primary title would be “department head” and the secondary title “professor”. See Appendix B for additional information on department heads.

For information on the University’s policies and procedures with regard to rank, promotion, tenure and reappointment of faculty, please refer to the Laws, By-Laws and Rules of the University (Rev.3/13/07), Art. XV.J., as well as the Provost’s annual memorandum on the preparation of PTR files. The appendices include selected University documents on principal investigator status and department head selection and review.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and trust that the dictionary will prove helpful.

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Last reviewed January 2008