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Family & Medical Leave Act – Employee, Supervisor and HR Responsibilities

Employees are required to apply for long-term leaves of absence through CORE-CT at the UCONN employee self-service portal located at Leave requests that must be submitted via CORE-CT include:

  • Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) – Maternity Leaves, Paternity Leaves, Personal Illness, Family Illness
  • Sabbatical Leaves
  • Voluntary Schedule Reduction
  • Military Leaves of Absence
  • Personal/Emergency Leave
  • Faculty Other

Leaves of absence are specified by Federal Law, State of CT statute, University policy, collective bargaining contract, or a combination thereof, so it is important for you to understand the differences. After reviewing this information, please contact the HR Service Desk for guidance at 860-486-3034. The customer service representative will ask a few questions to determine which Leave coordinator you’ll need to speak with to support you with your leave.

The following provides general information about your eligibility for a Family Medical Leave, your responsibilities for initiating a leave, along with those of your supervisor and the Human Resources Leave Administrator.

Employee Eligibility

Employees in the groups listed below are eligible for a Family Medical Leave.

Employee is Responsible for Submitting:

Supervisor is Responsible for:

Human Resources is Responsible For: