Family & Medical Leave

Family & Medical Leave Entitlements: Information, Forms & Policies

Please click on the box for the type of leave you are requesting to learn of leave entitlements, policies, rules and required forms which will help you when you are ready to speak with a Human Resources Leave Specialist.

Please note that due to SEBAC 2017 changes, CORE-CT Employee Self Service is not currently being used for medical leaves.

Leaves of absence are specified by Federal Law, State of CT statute, University policy, collective bargaining contract, or a combination thereof, so it is important for you to understand the differences.

The following provides general information about your responsibilities for initiating a leave, along with those of your supervisor and the Human Resources Leave Specialist.

  • Leave Request Form to HR Leave Specialist
  • Intent to Return to Work Form to HR Leave Specialist
  • Medical Cert. or Military Cert. or Proof of Placement to HR Leave Specialist
  • Fitness for Duty Cert (prior to returning to work) to Leave Specialist
  • Expected Schedule (Full-Time/Reduced) to Supervisor
  • Providing a General Overview of FMLA to Employee
  • Notifying Leave Specialist if Employee Cannot Contact HR
  • Ensuring Employee Knows Procedures for Calling Out when on intermittent FMLA
  • Accurate Time Record Keeping for Employee on Leave
  • Notifying Leave Administrator if employee use of FMLA is not within defined parameters of approved leave
  • Ensuring Employee has Return to Work Clearance from HR Leave Specialist
  • Determining Employee Eligibility
  • Send Required Notices to Employee
  • Communicate with Supervisor/Manager
  • Coordinate Unpaid Leaves with Payroll
  • Provide Advice and Guidance