Financial Aid Director – School

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0822-9088
Job Family: STU
FLSA Code: E
Score: 625


Under the general direction of designated administrator, administers the financial aid services for a campus or school.


This position is intended to be used for schools and campuses whose financial aid programs are not under the direct jurisdiction of the central Financial Aid Office of the University.  Incumbents are expected to administer an autonomous financial aid system, interface with the central system as required and to make financial aid decisions consistent with the school/campus and University policies as well as with all applicable regulations and statutes.


  1. Manages and coordinates the delivery of financial aid services for a campus or school; establishes policies and procedures and coordinates logistics and work flow to ensure the effective delivery of services.
  2. Reviews financial aid and scholarship applications; analyzes financial needs; determines financial aid package based on standardized procedures, annual allocations, fluctuating applicant pool and current regulations; requests documentation and additional information as needed; if applicable, grants fee deferrals and exceptions; is responsible for receipt and disbursement of checks.
  3. Oversees computerized data system for school, including updating and verifying student information and assuring accuracy of data and records.
  4. Processes federal loan funds; prepares applications based on needs test guidelines; serves as liaison with banks and loan foundations; oversees check recutting and disbursement of funds as required.
  5. Oversees Work Study and Student Labor programs; determines average student award amounts for packaging and determines work study hiring allocations; monitors expenditures and prepares necessary forms, and oversees placement of student employees.
  6. Counsels students and parents regarding the availability of aid, application procedures, University policies regarding recipients, federal and State regulations, the process of needs analysis and necessary documentation.
  7. Serves as an authoritative resource to the campus or school as well as others, and represents the Financial Aid Office on committees and advisory groups.
  8. Manages office budget; develops budget requests and priorities; approves expenditures within established guidelines.
  9. Provides individual counseling and group orientation to students with regard to management of personal finances, development of overall strategies for budgeting during the academic year and other related matters.
  10. Oversees the revision of all forms used in the financial aid process; designs and writes informational material distributed to students.
  11. Plans and implements special projects and assists in other programs, as needed or requested.
  12. Administers short-term emergency loan fund; determines need, arranges for loans and oversees collection.
  13. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in appropriate field
  2. Four to five years progressively responsible financial aid experience.
  3. Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of financial aid regulations and related laws, and ability to made independent judgments and decisions.
  4. Good managerial and organizational skills
  5. Excellent counseling skills and interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work effectively with students, the public, the university community and external constituencies.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  7. Ability to work under time constraints and willingness to work irregular and flexible hours.


  1. Master’s degree and two years financial aid experience.

Date Revised: 7/10/87