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Please Note: The Family & Medical Leave process can be confusing to navigate due to the many associated rules and regulations. To ensure timely support from a Human Resources Leave Administrator, please contact Human Resources at least 4 weeks prior to a planned leave and within 24-48 hours, if possible, for an emergency leave.

The following provides general information about your eligibility for a Family Medical Leave, your responsibilities for initiating a leave, along with those of your supervisor and the Human Resources Leave Administrator.

Employee Eligibility

Employees in the groups listed below are eligible for a Family Medical Leave.

Represented by UConn Bargaining Units:

University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association (UCPEA)

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
Represented by Statewide Bargaining Units:

Maintenance and Service Unit (CEUI) (NP-2)

Administrative Clerical Unit (AFSCME) (NP-3)

Police and Fire (NP-5)

Social and Human Services Unit (AFSCME) (P-2)

Managerial and Confidential
Law School Faculty

Employee is Responsible for Submitting:

– Leave Request Form to HR
– Intent to Return to Work Form to HR
– Medical Cert. or Military Cert. or Proof of Placement to HR
– Fitness for Duty Cert (prior to returning to work)
– Expected Schedule (Full-Time/Reduced) to Supervisor

Supervisor is Responsible for:

– Providing a General Overview of FMLA to Employee
– Notifying Leave Administrator if Employee Cannot Contact HR
– Ensuring Employee Knows Procedures for Call Out FMLA
– Accurate Time Record Keeping for Employee on Leave
– Ensuring Employee has Return to Work Clearance from MD

Human Resources is Responsible For:

– Determining Employee Eligibility
– Send Required Notices to Employee
– Communicate with Supervisor/Manager
– Coordinate Unpaid Leaves with Payroll
– Provide Advice and Guidance