Grants & Contracts Specialist II

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0786-9087
Job Family: FIS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 573


Under the direction of designated administrator, provides technical assistance in reviewing, negotiating and processing contracts and subcontracts in support of the University’s sponsored program activity.


  1. Monitors and reviews proposed grants and contracts for compliance with applicable University policy and state regulations and certifies to the University administration that such policies and regulation have been met.
  2. Within University policies and in association with administrators and principal investigators, negotiates with granting agencies and writes technical contact language covering such issues as intellectual property rights, cost-sharing, fiscal and procedural constraints and other similar matters.
  3. Assists in obtaining approvals necessary for sponsored grants, contracts, subcontracts and other agreements; serves as liaison between University administration, faculty and granting agencies.
  4. Maintains knowledge of and interprets applicable policies, statutes, regulations and procedures formulated by the University, state and federal government, granting agencies, and various private foundations and industries; maintains up-to-date reference file.
  5. Analyzes and resolves technical problems of contract interpretation.
  6. Prepares periodic reports of grants and contracts activity.
  7. Participates in policy discussions and recommends policy or procedural changes as appropriate; revises and updates procedures as necessary.
  8. Assists faculty in obtaining approvals from awarding agencies to subcontract; revises budgets as needed and prepares forms and other information required by granting agencies.
  9. Prepares a written award summary providing complete and detailed information to setup, administer, and maintain an awarded contract in compliance with University policies and contracted statutes, regulations, and procedures.
  10. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree and four years relevant experience OR Eight years relevant experience in a business organization or government agency
  2. Thorough knowledge of University, federal, state and private industry rules and regulations governing technical aspects of grants and contracts
  3. Ability to write and interpret technical contract language and understand its implications.
  4. Ability to effectively communicate with and serve as liaison between granting agencies, University administration and the principal investigators.

Date Created: 4/13/88