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Executive Office

Executive Office Fax: (860) 486-0379
General Inquiries: (860) 486-3034 | Fax: (860) 486-0378 |

Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
(860) 486-8807
Executive Assistant to Chris Delello
(860) 486-8807
Director of Human Resources
(860) 486-8478
Associate Director
(860) 486-0421
Assistant to Aliza Wilder & Renee Boggis
(860) 486-8478
HR Specialist
(860) 486-5734
Minor Protection Coordinator
(860) 486-4510
Workforce Communications Associate
(860) 486-1868

Employee Benefits & HR Services

The Employee Benefits & HR Services Unit supports HR Program Management, Workforce Solutions and the Employee Leaves Unit as the first point of contact for customer service as well as processing human resources transactions and other operational needs including: Customer Service, Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement Programs, Special Payroll Requests, Employment Opportunities, Criminal Background Checks, Retirement Counseling and Support, Life Events, and Job Postings.

Please contact the Employee Benefits & HR Services Team at (860) 486-3034 or

Emma Belekewicz – HR Assistant
Patty Geissler – Customer Service Lead
Monica Kitson – Benefits Associate (Last Names H-O)
Sarah Knapp – HR Assistant
Meagan Luchon – HR Support
Susan Matthews – Benefits Specialist (Last Names P-Z)
Susan McMahon – HR Assistant
Heather Mokoski – Team Lead, HR Associate
Cari Renn – HR Assistant
Joanna Smith – Team Lead, Benefits Specialist (Last Names A-G)
Stacy Stevenson – HR Support
Terry Stewart – Retirement Specialist
Tony Velez – Benefits Officer

Employee Leave & Accommodations

The Employee Leave and Accommodations Team is responsible for all leave operations, including implementation, administration, training and communication as well as facilitating and managing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation requests. We ensure regulatory and University compliance of all leave programs and Title I ADA management.

Leave programs include medical/maternity/parental, military, sabbatical and other faculty leaves, voluntary schedule reduction (VSRP), personal/emergency, American Red Cross disaster service and workers’ compensation.

Ryan Bangham | Manager | (860) 486-8306 |

ADA Accommodations
(860) 486-2036
Leave Administrator (UCPEA, NP-5 and Military Leave (University Wide))
(860) 486-2432
Workers’ Compensation (University Wide)
(860) 486-2598
Leave Administrator (AAUP, Unrepresented, NP-3 and P-2, Graduate Assistants and VSRP (University Wide))
(860) 486-0398
Leave Administrator (NP-2), Administrative Support
(860) 486-0408

HR Program Development / Communications

The HR Program Development and Communications Team is responsible for the development, implementation and management of Human Resources programs and Communications including Organizational and Professional Development programs, Application/Web-Site Development and HR Marketing/Communications.

JP Lacombe | Manager | (860) 486-5367 |

Web Development
(860) 486-3445
Program / Project Manager
(860) 486-0422

Workforce Solutions

The Workforce Solutions Team serves as a HR business partner & consultant to schools, colleges, and administrative units regarding: Workforce Planning, Classification & Compensation, Employee Relations, and Staffing Management.

Michelle Fournier | Manager | (860) 486-5727 |

HR Assistant
(860) 486-5724
HR Specialist
(860) 486-8736
HR Specialist
(860) 486-0399
HR Specialist
(860) 486-8014
HR Specialist
(860) 486-0410
HR Associate
(860) 486-2704

HR Information Systems (HRIS) & Data Management

The HRIS & Data Management Team supports the Department of Human Resources and University community through the management and reporting of personnel data and employee records.

Jennifer Traynor | Manager | (860) 486-1157 |

HRIS Business Analyst
(860) 486-2370
HR Data Management Specialist
(860) 486-6352
Service Time & Records Specialist
(860) 486-8056