Information Systems Analyst II

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0751-9087
Job Family: DPS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 556


Under the direction of designated manager, provides advanced level technical assistance in developing and maintaining administrative computing systems and computer center supported software.


  1. Conducts needs analyses and feasibility studies for administrative computing systems in user offices; serves as interface between users, vendors, university staff and state purchasing personnel to provide assistance throughout acquisition process and assist in implementation.
  2. Develops and implements systems in FOCUS or other supported fourth generation language to include writing new programs or enhancing existing programs.
  3. Analyzes needs, designs databases, writes supporting documentation and implements appropriate production procedures.
  4. Provides consulting services to administrative users, and acts as resource for computer center supported software.
  5. Identifies training needs, develops curriculum for, and conducts workshops in administrative systems software and computer center supported products for mainframe and microcomputers.
  6. Conducts research, reviews, tests and/or evaluations of potential new administrative support products or enhancements; writes summaries and reports recommendations; researches licensing and purchasing arrangements relative to potential software.
  7. Performs analysis and coordination activities in support of internal computer center projects in such areas as data administration, production support, and data security.
  8. Performs analysis and coordinates activities in support of user project teams engaged in major administrative systems development.
  9. Assesses and implements user needs for mainframe file and software accesses and coordinates implementation of required accesses.
  10. Reports progress to users, colleagues and management through formal written and informal verbal communications.
  11. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer or business related field, or equivalent combination of training and experience
  2. Demonstrated abilities in user training, programming, user consulting and/or systems analysis in a large data processing environment.
  3. Demonstrated abilities in analytical reasoning and problem solving.
  4. Experience with project management techniques and experience working with diverse groups in a project team setting.
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  6. High level of motivation, initiative and responsibility


  1. CMS/XEDIT experience.
  2. Experience in assessing user data processing system needs.
  3. Significant knowledge of IBM PC compatible microcomputers and Computer Center supported products.
  4. Programming experience in COBOL or fourth generation language such as FOCUS.
  5. Experience with MVS, CICS, VMG or other major operation systems.
  6. Knowledge of IBM Job Control Language
  7. Experience implementing or working with a general security package such as ACF2
  8. Knowledge of Rexx, Easytrieve Plus, SAS and other statistical/graphics software

Date Created: 4/14/88