Information Systems Analyst III

Payroll Title: UCP VIII
Class Code: 0821-9088
Job Family: DPS
FLSA Code: E
Score: 626


Under the general direction of designated manager, provides advanced technical expertise and leadership in developing and maintaining administrative computing systems and computer center supported software.  Is responsible for one or more major assigned project area (such as Information Center, Data Security, FOCUS Administration, DASD Administration, Office Automation, 4GL Development Center, Data Administration, or Product Support)


  1. Provides technical leadership in analyzing, designing and implementing systems.
  2. Develops and recommends new policies and policy revisions to management.
  3. Analyzes programming and/or resource requirements for complex projects; devises project plans; monitors implementation schedules and resources assigned to projects; and reports progress.
  4. Monitors and controls all aspects of project functions to ensure integrity of project, reports violations to management and takes or recommends corrective actions.
  5. Develops requirements for, designs programs, supervises testing, implements production, trains users, provides documentation and takes other actions as needed to implement advanced applications systems.
  6. Provides written procedures, standards, and manuals for effective administration of assigned projects.
  7. Coordinates all aspects of project including staff, user, and management interface.
  8. Assigns and monitors work of staff assigned to project.
  9. Exercises leadership in identifying and investigating potential existing problems, and takes action to ensure most effective problem resolution for continuance of project.
  10. Maintains current and technical expertise in project area through review of professional journals, attendance at conferences and seminars, and other professional activities related to project.
  11. Prepares plans for future development of projects, and interface to overall computer center plans.
  12. Selects products for review, researches new products and product upgrades relevant to assigned projects, coordinates testing, recommends acquisitions, and coordinates implementation.
  13. Represents the project, computer center, and/or University at internal and external functions related to the project.
  14. Reports progress of projects to users, colleagues, and management through formal written and informal verbal communications.
  15. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer or business related field or equivalent combination of training and experience.
  2. Evidence of extensive programming and/or systems analysis experience in a large data processing environment.
  3. Demonstrated experience working with diverse groups in a project team setting.
  4. Evidence of ability to provide leadership in project development and administration.
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  6. Extremely high level of leadership, motivation, initiative, independence, and responsibility
  7. High level of interest in researching and working with new computer technologies
  8. Able to work with minimal supervision and direction


  1. CMS/XEDIT experience.
  2. Advanced degree in computer or business related field.
  3. Experience in installing and/or administering mainframe data security system preferably ACF2.
  4. Experience with MVS, IBM, JCL, CICS, VMF, or other major operating systems.
  5. Extensive knowledge of data base design concepts and experience with file structures such as VSAM, DB2, and FOCUS.
  6. Project leadership experience in development and implementation of computer systems in a project team setting.
  7. Experience with IBM PC compatible microcomputers and other computer center supported products.
  8. Extensive programming experience using COBOL or FOCUS or other fourth generation programming language.
  9. Experience with PC LAN networks with emphasis on network administration.
  10. Experience in administration of data dictionaries in a large data processing environment.
  11. Knowledge of Easytrieve, SAS, and other statistical/graphics software
  12. Willingness to work flexible hours.

Date Created: 4/14/88