Institutional Research Analyst II

Payroll Title: UCP VII
Class Code: 0718-9087
Job Family: ADM
FLSA Code: E
Score: 550


Under general supervision of the designated administrator, assists in the maintenance, compilation, generation and analysis of data and information from University and other sources for University administrators, University Senate, federal, State and private agencies for decision-making and planning, publication and compliance with government regulations.


  1. Designs, develops, implements and/or coordinates methods and procedures of gathering, summarizing, reporting producing and distributing information as an aid in administrative planning and decision-making, in meeting federal and State requirements, and in providing information to the University community.
  2. Maintains close contact with University and external offices and individuals to obtain and assure accuracy of information and to provide information and assistance as needed.
  3. Maintains and updates computerized and non computerized data files; may include daily, weekly or other scheduled updates and reporting.
  4. Analyzes, interprets and synthesizes data received from a variety of University and external sources.
  5. Generates periodic and special reports and narratives, surveys, forecasts, and trend analyses; provides information and statistics in response to authorized requests from on and off campus.
  6. Keeps abreast of developments and trends which may require new studies or modification of current projects or practices.
  7. Consults with computer programmer/analysts in designing and maintaining information systems and data bases, as needed for data analysis, studies, reports and other data needs.
  8. Adapts day to day work schedule to the requirements of urgent special requests and to the projects involving office wide commitments and priorities.
  9. Takes responsibility in establishing procedures and meeting critical deadlines for systematically collecting and updating required information in order to complete project in timely and accurate manner.
  10. Composes and disseminates instructional and explanatory information as needed.
  11. Uses available software packages to analyze data and generate reports; may evaluate effectiveness and quality of available hardware, software and recommend purchase; may assist in training staff in the use of software packages via terminals.
  12. Supervises and trains clerical personnel or other staff as needed to complete assigned projects.
  13. May represent University at conferences or meetings; serves on various University committees as needed or required.
  14. Develops and monitors survey instruments, modifying as needed.
  15. May be assigned special projects or functions as needed.
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree may be required for certain specialties.
  2. One to three years experience in research, appropriate to the office to be served.
  3. Excellent analytical and quantitative skills
  4. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  5. Experience in data processing and computer programming and/or software packages may be required for certain specialties.


  1. Master’s degree

Date Created: 6/28/1985