Job Specifications

The classification of UConn’s professional employees has two distinct components: Job Templates and Job Specifications. Human Resources completes the first component by mapping employees to a Job Template using information provided by departments on position duties and responsibilities. Job Templates serve as the foundational job standards and represent a broad outline of a job. Employees and supervisors develop the second component, Job Specifications, together. Job Specifications are a more detailed and position-specific description of work for the local level that narrows the focus to individual (or like) positions.

All Job Specifications include a position’s:

  • Working Title;
  • Job Summary;
  • Reporting Structure;
  • Job Responsibilities; and
  • Minimum Qualifications.

Departments can additionally choose to add Preferred Qualifications.

A completed Job Specification outlines for managers, employees, and future employees what the general role of a job is, who the position reports to, what the duties and responsibilities of the job are, as well as what education, knowledge, and skills are needed, or preferred, to perform the job. In doing so, departments can comfortably begin a search, review candidates for an open position, conduct performance evaluations for current employees, and participate in Career Progression.

Creating a Job Specification