Laboratory Supervisor

Payroll Title: UCP VI
Class Code: 0628-9086
Job Family: TLR
FLSA Code: E
Score: 513


Under the general supervision of designated supervisor, provides technical assistance in planning, organizing and preparing laboratory exercises in support of undergraduate laboratory instruction, in assigned area of responsibility, in an academic department.


  1. Assists in designing lab experiments; develops and pre-tests lab experiments and analyzes procedures for intended results.
  2. Evaluates effectiveness of lab experiments to determine student comprehension of theory and principles, in consultation with lab instructors; makes modifications as appropriate.
  3. Monitors teaching laboratories, in assigned area of responsibility, resolving problems as they arise and making changes as needed to achieve intended results.
  4. Conducts meetings to introduce, demonstrate and explain experiments to lab instructors, and to resolve problems encountered in previous experiments.
  5. Purchases and orders all laboratory equipment and supplies, processing all necessary paperwork and maintaining appropriate records.  Closely monitors all related purchasing and shipping problems.
  6. Prepares lab handouts and/or lab manuals, with responsibility for accuracy of information and clarity of theory and principles to be demonstrated in consultation with faculty and arranges for copies for student purchase.
  7. Prepares budget requests for supplies and equipment for selected undergraduate courses.
  8. Maintains, monitors, insures proper security of and performs minor repairs on scientific laboratory equipment and is responsible for the maintenance of this equipment.
  9. Determines equipment, supplies, and physical set-up of each experiment.
  10. Assigns and/or recommends Teaching Assistants to selected undergraduate laboratory sections; writes performance evaluations and makes recommendations to faculty member.
  11. Performs special projects as needed or assigned, such as special workshops, exhibits.
  12. Supervises and assists in clean-up and disassembly of laboratory equipment.
  13. Prepares lab solutions, reagents, and media and/or other laboratory apparatus, as needed to carry out laboratory exercise.
  14. Trains and evaluates student workers and others who staff lab courses, in assigned area of responsibility.
  15. May collect and maintain samples used for instructional purposes.
  16. Performs related duties as required.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in discipline appropriate to department to be served.
  2. Prior experience in similar research and teaching laboratories
  3. Ability to interact with faculty, teaching assistants and student lab assistants.
  4. Supervisory ability
  5. Sound knowledge of principles of academic discipline(s) to be served.

Date Created: 6/28/85